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Season One

    Emergency! pilot movie (2 hours) Airdate: 1.15.72
    (The Wedsworth-Townsend Act)
Vitals: Roy Desoto and Johnny Gage are among the first L.A. firefighters to be trained as paramedics. They fight for the right, through legislature, to be allowed to practice, one of their opponents Dr. Kelly Brackett eventually sees their benefit, after the boys carlogo.gif (1153 bytes)save a hurt Dixie51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes), and he helps the legislation pass .
Of Note: This episode was later divided into a 2 part episode where Roy and Johnny tell the story in a flashback. Directed by Jack Webb. We see the elusive wife of Roy, Joanne, and the intriguing Brackett/McCall steamy early days.
Critique: Easy to see the potential of this show through the pilot, good character chemistry from day one. A+


1     Mascot                          1x2     Airdate: 1.22.72
Vitals: Johnny agrees to baby-sits a victims dog until she gets out of Rampart.
Rescues: carlogo.gif (1153 bytes). heartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) at a party with unbelieving drunken party guests.  A cliffside helicopter rescue of a hunter. 
Rampart: A girl's mother is the cause of her Hyperventilating.
Critique: A little stiff.     B-

2    Botulism                       1x3      Airdate: 1.29.72

Vitals:  Johnny tries to get a practical joker at his own game.
Rescues: A back injury on a smokestack, 2 botulism victims one with a broken leg, a boy trapped in a collapsing building.
Rampart:Dr.Brackett puts his reputation on the line when he makes a diagnosis of Botulism
Critique: Good stuff, an even storyline between Rampart and 51 pays off.     A


3    Cook’s Tour                 1x4      Airdate: 2.12.72
Vitals: Roy gets serious about dinner after the guys complain about his cooking.
Rescues: Johnny delivers a baby in trouble, a man gets an electric shock from a washer, a man trapped on a high crane.
Rampart: A boy has his hand stuck inside a vase.
Critique: The cooking topic is a little weak it is a wonder they later repeated it so often.     B
4    Brushfire                       1x5     Airdate: 2.19.72
Vitals: A raging brushfirefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes) speeds through the cannon as Engine 51 fights the fire the squad is on evacuation and injuries.
Rescues: An elderly woman with ankle problems, a horse stampede victim, a looter (Tony Dow) crashes his motorcycle, a fireman is trapped under a tree, a woman gives birth as the fire spreads to her house.
Rampart: A boy arrives with an injured arm and Johnny and Roy agree to search for it.
Critique: Exciting stuff! Lots of rescues make for a quick pace.      A
5     Dealer’s Wild                1x6      Airdate: 2.26.72
Vitals: After continually losing at cards Johnny invents his own card game.
Rescues: A heartlogo.gif (1149 bytes)heart attack in a plane leaves the victim's teen son to land the planelogo.gif (1107 bytes)plane with Roy's help.  A gas tanker overturns and the victim's diagnosis leaves the doc's wondering.  A man attempts suicide 3 different ways. pilllogo.gif (1183 bytes) Teen girl's overdose with uninterested spectators makes trouble for the boys.
Rampart: Dr. Brackett struggles with the injustice of why those who want to die, live, and those who do want to live, diedeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Critique: The teen pilot is good as well as Bracket, too bad they couldn't lose that lame card game story-line.    B+
6     Nurse’s Wild                 1x7      Airdate: 3.4.72
Vitals: Johnny chases a student nurse.
Rescues: A store owner regrets shooting a robber who was trying to support his family.  The boys have to get around a vicious dog to treat a dieting woman who has overdone diureticspilllogo.gif (1183 bytes).  A man is rescued from a chemical plant after being trapped by fallen pipes.
Rampart: Dr. Early diagnosis a man's case of DT's.  Dr. Morton misdiagnosis a spider bite as an overdose.
Critique: The nurse thing didn't seem to go anywhere.  C
7     Publicity Hound          1x8     Airdate:3.11.72
Vitals: Johnny gets jealous with another paramedic seeks and gets undue publicity.
Rescues: Man caught in the rigging of a ship. A horse trapped in a pit, and a child in a well.
Rampart: Dr. Brackett quarrels with a parent in denial of his epileptic son.
Critique: A solid episode but the lack of seeing the Rampart initial dispute weakens that storyline.  B-
8     Weird Wednesday     1x9      Airdate: 3.18.72
Vitals: A series of bizarre rescues leave Johnny dreading every call.
Rescues: A boy in a freezer.  A female parachutist lands in a tree.   A woman bitten snke2logo.gif (1149 bytes). A son feels guilty over pushing his father to jogheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) .  A drunk over an embankmentcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes) where Johnny twists a knee.
Rampart: A man with hiccups. A hooker delivers her John with chest painsheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) .  An elderly woman with a broken ankle moves her party to Rampart.
Critique: A ton of interesting rescues.      B
9     Dilemma                           1x10     Airdate: 3.25.72
Vitals: Johnny tries to pass off a girl he thinks is a freak because she is pursuing him.
Rescues: An elevator gets stuck and then falls with a female heartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) victim inside and a man with a broken leg.  A man has a methane gas leak at his dump.  2 men are overcome by a solvent at a railroad.
Rampart: A student nurse is intimidated by Dr. Bracket.
Critique: A typical season 1 episode    B-
10     Hang-Up                      1x11      Airdate: 4.8.72
Vitals: Johnny becomes obsessed and "hung up" on finding out the ending of an episode of Adam 12 he misses while on a run.
Rescues: A burglar caught in an air duct.  An employee of a lab with radioactive fire firelogo.gif (1282 bytes), which puts Johnny in for observation 51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes)after exposure.
Rampart: Dixie struggles with patient load and attitude as a bar fight is continued at Rampart and a rude surfer complains of leg pain.  A Rampart regular's migraine ends up as a neurological problem.
Critique: Johnny's anguish is contagious.      A-
11     Crash                            1x12      Airdate:4.15.72
Vitals: Johnny is angry with Roy for calling him a nut.
Rescues: A small planeplanelogo.gif (1107 bytes) crashes in a remote area.  A burglar has a heartlogo.gif (1149 bytes)heart attack while his accomplices pretend they own the house. 
Rampart: A teen boy is treated for a concussion from football, and a boy is brought in by a sitter after taking pillspilllogo.gif (1183 bytes).
Critique: Not too much drama or comedy in this one.    C+

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