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Season Two

12     Problem (Decision)                2x1      Airdate: 9.16.72
Vitals: Roy contemplates leaving the paramedics after a doctor questions his actions on a rescue.
Rescues: An engine falls on a mandeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).  A housefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes) traps a boy and his dog, Roy saves them both.
Rampart: A doctor has an heartlogo.gif (1149 bytes)attackdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)
Critique:  Dixie's freak out on the doctor is very effective as is Roy's dilemma.     A+


13     Kids                          2x2      Airdate: 9.23.72
Vitals: A stray dog finds the station and is welcomed as the mascot.
Rescues: A boy gets his head trapped in an opening under his house, a young man is injured in a fall in a canyon and is discovered by the new mascot.  A boy gets his finger caught in a steering wheel.  Another boy falls in a hole.
Rampart: Bracket is convinced a boy is being abused and must find a way to prove it.
Critique: The abusive mother was a nice twist.  B+
Of Note: John Travolta plays the canyon victim.


14     Show Biz                  2x3      Airdate: 9.30.72
Vitals: A photographer uses the boys in a photo shoot with Johnny as the main beefcake.
Rescues: A country doctor becomes the victimheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) when he helps the boys with a trapped man.  A stunt goes awry and a men are trapped on a waterfall.
Rampart: A woman kills a child in a crash and then dies herselfdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Critique: The woman's death was a shocker but the photo shoot didn't reach it's comedic potential.  B


15     Virus                          2x4      Airdate: 10.7.72
Vitals:  An infectious monkeydeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes) carries a new virus that threatens the city.
Rescues:  A sick woman with a virus is treated. A boy with inner ear problems is rescued from his tree house.  A man is injured on a scaffolddeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Rampart: Johnny51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes), Bracket51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes) and another firefighterdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes) are treated for the virus.  Will Rampart find a cure on time?!!!
Critique: How many movies and shows have since copied this creative storyline?     A+
16     Peace Pipe                 2x5      Airdate: 10.14.72
Vitals: Mr. politically incorrect Chet Kelly teases Johnny about his native American heritage.
Rescues: A drunk drivers injures a child in a car wreckcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes).  A woman is trapped in her girdle.  A boy gets his finger stuck on a gumball machine.     A flash firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes) in a toilet injures a man and the station tracks down the flammable contaminant in the water line.  A sniper injures a man on a scaffold and continues shooting as the boys attempt a rescue.
Critique: An odd storyline with the Indian teasing thing but good rescues.     B-
17     Saddled                     2x6      Airdate:10.21.72
Vitals: Johnny wants to be a rodeo star.
Rescues: A diner patron has a soda bottle explode in her face, and later the diner explodes from a faulty heater.  A child with a spleen disorder falls from a tree.  A school bus full of children and a nun falls off an embankmentcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes).
Rampart: Dixie51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes)hurts her foot when it is run over by x-ray equipment.
Critique: Roy and the nun are a very nice touch and a hidden gem in an otherwise mediocre episode.     B


18     Fuzz Lady                    2x7      Airdate:11.4.72
Vitals: Johnny falls for a female police officer and boot returns.
Rescues: A hurt mugger.  An elderly man is trapped in a house fire firelogo.gif (1282 bytes)caused by his questionable senility.  Cuts and bruises are treated from a model rocket explosion.   A thief is trapped high up on a crane after attempting to steal a boat.
Rampart: A thief is on the loose and the female officer is on the case.  
Critique: It looks like no woman can resist Johnny.      B-
Of Note: Sharon Gless's second appearance.


19     Trainee                         2x8      Airdate: 11.11.72
Vitals: Roy and Johnny train a new paramedic who's ego causes tension and close calls.
Rescues: A purse is snatched, a man falls down a cliff, a diabetic, and a prescription overdosepilllogo.gif (1306 bytes).
Critique: Possibly the finest episode, great drama, not from a rescue, but from the character's interactions with each other.      A+


20     Women                         2x9      Airdate:11.25.72
Vitals: A female journalist rides along with the boys and points out their sexist ways, much to Johnny's chagrin.
Rescues: Man trapped in a truck under power linescarlogo.gif (1161 bytes), 2 victims in a bombed buildingexplodelogo.gif (1266 bytes)1, man trapped in a sleeper sofa, a man with his arm in a garbage disposal
Rampart: A girl on drugspilllogo.gif (1306 bytes).  A boy eats poison hemlock.
Critique: A good idea wasted.  There was no reasoning  why she is so hostile towards the guys, they should have had an incident she witnessed to react that way. Definitely a male writers perspective on the events of that era (E.R.A. get it?).       C
21     Dinner Date                 2x10      Airdate:12.2.72
Vitals: The seventies "just say no show". Plus Roy tries to pimp Johnny with his wife’s cousin.
Rescues: A woman with an epileptic fit, a choking boy, a girl with her arm in a pool drain.heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)an overweight man.
Rampart:  A man with tetanus, a woman with gangrene, and a girl who's pilllogo.gif (1306 bytes)drugs were laced with sodium Hydroxide.
Critique: The anti-drug theme while a good one is a little too forced. B-

22    Musical Mania         2x11      Airdate:12.9.72

Vitals: Chet teases Johnny about his lack of musical ability, forcing Johnny to prove him wrong.
Rescues: A gardener with tetanusdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)a teen overdosespilllogo.gif (1306 bytes), an ice cream truck is trapped under power linescarlogo.gif (1161 bytes), a man trapped in a glider, a collapsing house pins a man underneath it.
Rampart: A boy with lead poisoning and a growth disorder with overly stereotypical hick parents afraid of them city docs.
Critique: Very corny.    C-

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23     Helpful                      2x12      Airdate:12.16.72

Vitals: Roy and Joanne have a fight about spaghetti and Johnny tries to help.
Rescues: A car driven off an off-rampcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes), A man falls while rescuing his dog off the roof, 2 children are lost in a storm drain as the rains come down. (hmm, I think ER saw this one)
Rampart: A new doctor wears herself thin working 3 jobs.
Critique: Good rescues.     B
24     Drivers                      2x13      Airdate:1.6.73
Vitals: Johnny's upset over people not giving the right of way to emergency vehicles or knowing how to react in emergencies.
Rescues: A boy stuck in a tree, a college Q.B. has a back injury, a hotel firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes) with a man having anheartlogo.gif (777 bytes) attack.
Rampart: a doctor friend suffers complications after chokingdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Critique: Everything comes full circle.      A-
25     School Days           2x14      Airdate:1.13.73
Vitals: A trainee is unsure of his abilities.
Rescues: An old man trapped under a bookcase, an ambulance is hit by a carcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes), boy is injured by chemistry experiments, a man is trapped in a car at a salvage yard. Baseball player has a head injury.
Critique: Solid     B+


26     The Professor        2x15      Airdate:2.3.73

Vitals: Roy is chases by a girl while Johnny tries to convoke him he lacks charisma.
Rescues: A man freaks out due to a reaction from prescription drugs.    A suicidal man is rescues from a building ledge, a plane is down planelogo.gif (1107 bytes) and can only be reached by rescue boat.explodelogo.gif (1266 bytes)2
Rampart: Bracket must work through the secret service to try to save a patient.
Critique: Mediocre. B-
27     Syndrome                  2x16      Airdate: 2.10.73
Vitals: Johnny and Roy fight over whether or not Roy has tonsillitis51hurtlogo.gif (1350 bytes)
Rescues: Kids trapped on top of a large gas container, a women's college lacrosse game turns into a giant fight, a firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes) in an abandoned hospital. 51hurtlogo.gif (1350 bytes)(Chet)
Rampart: An old boyfriend of Dixie's is admitted for an MSG overdose.
Critique:  2 good side stories and good rescues.      A
28      Honest                       2x17      Airdate:2.17.73
Vitals: Is honesty the best policy?
Rescues: A spine injury from a diving accident, newlyweds blow up their kitchen in a gas explosion, a house fire with a blind old man and a baby inside.
Rampart: A stressed grad student with psychosomatic symptoms.  A boy with formaldehyde poisoning puzzles doctors for a diagnosis.deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)
Critique: A good story idea carried out through all the rescues, although I doubt even Johnny would have been dense enough to believe honest was always the best policy.     A-
39     Seance                        2x18      Airdate:2.24.73
Vitals: A woman is convinced her dead sister is responsible for bad things happening to her house and husband.
Rescues: At the "possessed" house: the woman collapses at a sťance, a small firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes), and the husband injures his head.  Elsewhere a man is injured and trapped at a warehouse, and a man is trapped underwater in his carcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes).
Rampart: A teen who takes too many tranquilizers.pilllogo.gif (1306 bytes)
Critique: Would have been more interesting if the woman was right instead of crazy.   B-


30     Boot                              2x19      Airdate:3.3.73
Vitals: The boys search to find out why Boot (the mascot) becomes listless and refuses food.
Rescues: A car is pinned under a gas tanker truckcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes), a woman keeps having problems in her kitchen including a small firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes)
Rampart: An explosion and firelogo.gif (1282 bytes)fire at an outside lab.
Critique: Good fire.    B+
Of Note: John drives


31     Rip-Off                          2x20      Airdate:3.10.73
Vitals: Johnny and Roy are accused of stealing a wallet during a rescue.
Rescues: Man with a heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)heart attack, 2 men in a planeplanelogo.gif (1107 bytes) leaking an explosive liquid, a pregnant woman gives birth in the ambulance after she and her husband are in a collisioncarlogo.gif (1161 bytes).
Critique: The boys being read their rights is priceless.       A


32     Audit                              2x21      Airdate:4.7.73
Vitals: Johnny gets audited, and drives everyone crazy dreading it.
Rescues: A collapsed man, a baby in a locked car, a construction worker trapped in a building collapse urges Roy to amputate his leg to save him (hmm, I think Third Watch saw this one).
Rampart: A con man fakes illnesses to fool the doctors.  A pregnant woman with a heart problemheartlogo.gif (777 bytes).
Critique: The amputation scene should have been expanded it was gold.       B

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