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Season Three

33    Frequency                      3x1    Airdate: 9.22.73
Vitals: Heavy traffic on the biophone makes rescues difficult.
Rescues: A policeman friend of Johnny's is hit by a carcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes)deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes), an artist is trapped inside his sculpture, a man and son are injured at a construction siteheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes)
Rampart: The remnants of a biker fight is carried out in emergency.
Critique: Good Johnny angst.  B+


34    The Old Engine              3x2    Airdate: 9.29.73
Vitals: Station 51 gets a new engine and Johnny and Roy buy an antique engine.
Rescues: pilllogo.gif (1191 bytes)A woman on a bad trip leads Roy and Johnny on a chase.   A gunshot victim.  A politician with a heart attackheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) and a warehouse fire.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Critique: Woman on a ledge is always good drama. B+
35    Alley Cat                          3x3     Airdate:10.6.73   
Vitals: A pregnant cat camps out on Johnny's bed.
Rescues: Family in an airplane crashplanelogo.gif (1107 bytes)deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)A man at a junk yard with his foot in a trap. An actress freaks out, a school with a gas leak and one of the student chokes on a gumball, and a man in a boat accident.
Critique: You have to love when they go to one rescue and another one just pops up.     B-


36    An English Visitor         3x4    Airdate: 10.13.73
Vitals: An English paramedic visits to observe the boys.
Rescues: Structure firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes), a drunken knife thrower, a man trapped in equipment and a van filled with pot is in an accidentcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes) and catches firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes) giving some of the boys a contact buzz.
Rampart: A musician with diabetes and pneumonia.   Dr. Early has trouble with a bitchy nurse.
Critique: Tons going on in this quick paced episode.   A-


37    Heavyweight                 3x5     Airdate: 10.20.73
Vitals: Johnny thinks he's in bad shape after a crack from Dr. Morton and goes on a fitness kick.
Rescues: An apartment firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes) where Johnny strains his shoulder51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes).  A stabbing victim with heart problemsheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes).  A hanglider is trapped in a tree.
Rampart: A young mother wants to give up her baby determined she is cursed. Early treats an electrocuted child whose mom may be on drugspilllogo.gif (1191 bytes).
Critique: The fitness story is weak but Rampart lifts this one up.  B

38    Snakebite                       3x6     Airdate: 10.27.73

Vitals:The boys go on a fishing trip and have problems and return to even more trouble.

Rescues:carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)off a cliff. 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Johnny gets bitten snke2logo.gif (1141 bytes) during the rescue and is transported back to the hospital on top of the squad.
Critique: Good drama in the transport and subsequent wait for antivenom reaction.  A-


39    The Promotion             3x7     Airdate: 11.3.73
Vitals: Roy does well enough on the Engineer's test to be in line for a promotion but but debates over leaving the paramedics.
Rescues: A suicide attempt. carlogo.gif (1228 bytes) fog on the highway causes a pile-up. firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)Johnny and a victim must be rescued.
Critique: Tiege never seemed torn by the dilemma enough B-


40    Insomnia                         3x8     Airdate: 11.10.73
Vitals: Johnny has trouble sleeping after a lack of night runs.
Rescues: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)Fire in a boat still on a trailer.  A pot smoking office workerpilllogo.gif (1191 bytes) with chemical poisoning, a worker pined against a truck and a man and child trapped in a gravel pit.
Rampart: Auto accident victims, a man with a broken arm and his son with head injuries.
Critique: Any time the boys chase a druggie it's good stuff.     B+


41    Inheritance Tax             3x9     Airdate: 11.17.73
Vitals: A formerly rescued woman dies and leaves Johnny and Roy a seemingly huge inheritance.
Rescues: A child in a car under power lines, stockbroker with chest painsheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes), a teen with stomach trouble after an eating contest and a structure firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)1explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3
Rampart:Early treats scrapes on 2 boys.
Critique: Although predictable the suspense is effective.     B


42    Zero                                  3x10     Airdate: 11.24.73
Vitals: The boys are on TV but Johnny stammers and Roy bails him out.
Rescues: A woman using screaming as therapy, a young man trapped in a donut making machine, a child from a structure firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes), and a boy jumps from a ledge.
Rampart: Dr. Early diagnosis child abuse as the cause of the suicidal boy.
Critique: A little thin.     C


43    The Promise                  3x11     Airdate: 12.1.73
Vitals: Johnny gets a puppy from the returning dog owner from "Mascot"
Rescues: A mechanic on a ledge.  Gas from a mix of cleaning products disable a woman. The crew gets roped into doing some yard work for elderly folks shut in by tumbleweeds.
Critiques: Cap's reaction when the old folks ask for yard work is priceless. B+


44    Body Language             3x12     Airdate: 12.8.73
Vitals: John's girlfriend mistakenly thinks he has proposed.
Rescues: A cropduster's plane planelogo.gif (1107 bytes)filled with pesticide makes an emergency landing.  A hippie couple eats daffodil bulbs, a stubborn cowboy falls from his horse and must be dragged to Rampart.  A carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)traffic accident goes from hostile to cordial, a rock band's drugpilllogo.gif (1191 bytes) use leads to the singers cardiac arrestheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes).
Rampart: A man with a moth ball in his ear, and a boy who doesn't like his walker
Critique:  Johnny's dilemma doesn't work effectively, but there are some good rescues.      B-


45    Understanding               3x13     Airdate: 12.15.73
Vitals: Johnny gives Chet his guitar.
Rescues:A house fire firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2spreads to a barn and horses are trapped.   A bank robbery goes bad as a hostage has heartlogo.gif (1149 bytes)heart problems and Roy and Johnny are called in.
Rampart: A suicidal caller keeps Rampart on the line while they try to track the call. A diabetic who keeps forgetting his insulin.
Critique: Excellent!  Great hospital drama and Johnny is at his best when discussing the bank robber's options.     A+


46    Computer Error             3x14     Airdate: 12.22.73
Vitals: A credit card error has Johnny scrambling for a correction.
Rescues: A woman in a well, and a magician in a safe. A junk yard fire with hazardous chemicalsfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3, and a car wreckcarlogo.gif (1228 bytes) with a young couple.
Rampart: The crew must convince a girl to admit she's pregnant and to tell her father.
Critique: Dr. Early and a pregnant teen just doesn't gel.  C
47    Inferno                               3x15     Airdate:  1.5.74 (2.23.74?)
Vitals: A brushfirefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes) roars out of control and Johnny and Roy are the last to be called in.
Rescues: A lawyer collapsesheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) in the middle of a trial and the opposing counsel saves him with CPR.  The boys get trapped while rescuing a fireman and must be rescued by the rest of 51.
Rampart: An injured fireman and Roy must console the man's wife.  Dixie gets her hand caught in a vending machine.
Critique: Roy and the wife made good drama and a very cool "digging in" at the brushfire.     A+
48    Messin Around               3x16     Airdate: 1.12.74
Vitals: Chet (The Phantom) terrorizes Johnny with practical jokes.
Rescues: carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)A bulldozer lands on a garbage truck. A woman gives feeds her husband a plant that makes him lose his ability to speak. A child swallows poisondeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).  A service station owner with stomach pain. A child trapped in a treehouse that is on firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Rampart: The resident hypochondriac "Old Bill" has a real illness.
Critique: Chet is always good.     B


49    Fools                                 3x17     Airdate: 1.19.74
Vitals: A new intern is convinced all his patients are fools and is sent on a ride-along with the boys after not trusting them.
Rescues: A man injured when his chimney explodes, collapsed man on the streetheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes), girl with her hand stuck on a mailbox, an oil refinery fire firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes) (various 2-3) with a trapped heart victimheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes).
Of Note: Bobby SHerman plays the young intern.
Critique: Didn't this same thing happen with Dr. Morton and why do we never see this intern again?     C-


50    How Green was My Thumb     3x18     Airdate: 1.26.74
Vitals: Roy cares for the plants of an injured woman.
Rescues: A man swallows his partial dental plate, fire in a wineryfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)1, a man with an unexploded grenade in his abdomen brings Dr. Bracket out to remove it.
Rampart: A girls religious parents refuse treatment after a dog bite.
Critique: It's nice to see Roy get some story time.      C+


51    The Hard Hours             3x19     Airdate: 2.2.74
Rampart: 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Dr. Early undergoes heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)bypass surgery. The son of a pro-football player injures his father.
Rescues: A boy cuts himself while launching his life-sized rocket. A sheepish Johnny and Roy rescue a young woman stuck in her tub.
Of Note: Dick Butcus and Nick Nolte star.
Critique: Could have used more Dr. Early in a show about Dr. Early.    A


52    Floor Brigade                  3x20     Airdate: 2.9.74
Vitals: The boys debate on wether to go into the floor cleaning business.
Rescues: A hermit is trapped in his cave home, John is bruised on a high rescue that turns out to be a dummy.  A chemical warehouse fire.
Rampart: Dr. Morton treats a famous singer.
Critique: Floor cleaning?? What an odd idea.       C-


53    Propinquity                     3x21     Airdate: 2.16.74
Vitals:Roy's house gets fumigated and he gets to stay with Johnny, and can't take all the excitement.
Rescues: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)Car-B-Que with a trapped woman.  Roy and a victim's ambulance is hit while in transport.  A manheartlogo.gif (777 bytes) refuses to leave his poker game and asks Johnny to finish his hand.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)An oil refineryexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2.
Critique: It's great to see Johnny's home life and Roy's reaction. A
54    Inventions                         3x22     Airdate: 3.23.74
Vitals: 51 try to come up with ideasfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes), for new firefighting tools, to enter a contest.
Rescues: A truck filled with radioactive material collides with a car. A large man is stuck in the ceiling, a leak at a chemical plant.
Rampart: A comatose man has a mysterious ailment after a cab ride.
Of Note: Directed by Kevin Tighe.
Critique: Fire at the firehouse= good episode.     B+

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