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Season Four

55    The Screenwriter             4x1     Airdate: 9.14.74
Vitals:A screenwriter rides along with Roy and Johnny for ideas for his screenplay.
Rescues: Motorcycle accidentcarlogo.gif (1161 bytes), a psychotic office worker with a chemical reaction, delivering the baby of deaf-mutes, and a firelogo.gif (1282 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1266 bytes)2 fire at a toy factory.
Rampart: Early  thinks a DUI may be another ailment.
Critique: DUI plotline is confusing and the screenwriter is way to stereotypical.    C
56    I'll Fix It                                 4x2     Airdate: 9.21.74
Vitals: Johnny and Roy attempt in vain to put together a motorbike.
Rescues: A man is trapped under his house where an oil well has erupted.  A man gets a woman's ring stuck on his finger and the boys must remove it before her jealous husband arrives. A kid gets trapped in a pipe. Structure fire with lots of pipes.firelogo.gif (1282 bytes)
Rampart: A boy who wants to be a doctor tries to diagnose himself.
Critique: Standard Fare    B
57    Gossip                                 4x3     Airdate: 9.28.74
Vitals: Roy tries to get John to participate in an upcoming Fireman's track event.
Rescues: An armored car carlogo.gif (1161 bytes)collision traps a man in the truck.  An electrocution victim and then a man trapped in a chemical lab firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1266 bytes)2.
Rampart: A child with cyanide poisoning from peach pits, a nurse spreads rumors about Dr. Morton,  a man with a head injury has 2 wives.
Critique: It's nice to see a little more action at the hospital.     B


58    Nagging Suspicion         4x4    Airdate: 10.5.74
Vitals: Roy can pick the ponies and they boys want in on his system.
Rescues: Woman in a lion's pen, a dancer in a bar has a diabetic reaction, a father skateboards into a cactus then so does Johnny51hurtlogo.gif (1350 bytes), a sniper pins down the boys from rescuing an injured police officerfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Critique: If only we could have actually seen Roy overcome at the track.      B+


59    Communication Gaffe (Fugitive?)  4x5     Airdate: 10.12.74

Vitals: Before Roy and his wife appear a game show Johnny tries to Roy he knows more about him than his wife.
Rescues: Both a policeman and the suspect are shot, a truck carrying kerosene causes a brushfirefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2, a boy has an allergic reaction to a bee sting.carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)
Rampart: A woman's abuse of her son puts him in the hospital, and it turns out she has a brain tumor.
Critique: How convenient for the TV to go out while Roy's wife is on. B-
60    Surprise                             4x6     Airdate: 10.19.74
Vitals: The boys plan a surprise birthday party for Dixie
Rescues: A woman lands in a cactus patch after being thrown from a motorcycle, 2 workers trapped installing a huge sign on the side of a building, a collapsed man in a sauna.  A gas explosionexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)4 in an apartment building gets Johnny.51hurtlogo.gif (1350 bytes)
Rampart: 51hurtlogo.gif (1350 bytes)Dixie breaks her ankle and the ER falls apart
Critique: Are you kidding Johnny and Dixie hurt, plus an explosion, what more could you want?     A
61    Daisy's Pick   4x7     Airdate: 11.2.74
Vitals: All the firemen compete for the new nurse, Daisy.
Rescues: A worker frozen onto a block of ice, a retired sea captain glues his hands to a ship model, child in a coma, injured man in a fire at a theatre.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2
Critique: The boys got what they deserved.     A-
62    Quicker than the Eye       4x8    Airdate: 11.9.74
Vitals: The station plays a prank on Chet making him think his vision is weak.
Rescues: A construction worker refuses an IV after being trapped under a boat, a man wreaks his vehicle carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)and is immobile but communicates through his thumb that his son is injured also.
Critique: Chet is always good for laughs.   B+
63    Foreign Trade                     4x9     Airdate: 11.16.74
Vitals: Roy and John consider trading cars.
Rescues: A fraternity initiation pledge chokes, a tall man stuck in his car after a slight collisioncarlogo.gif (1228 bytes), a car with driver teeters on a draw bridge.
Rampart: Dixie gets a job offer in management, a boy cures Dr. Early's hiccups.
Of Note: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guests as the tall man
Critique: good firehouse +  good hospital = good episode   A
64    Camera Bug                        4x10     Airdate: 11.23.74
Vitals: Johnny's on a photography kick and is trying to get a good photo of the boys in action.
Rescues: heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)A fireman at another station.  A scorpion bite for a girl just back from vacation. Smoke Inhalation for a teen arsonist.  carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)Truck full of dynamite, man trapped and injuredfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Rampart: Dr. Brackett and Dixie go out to lunch and end up delivering a baby. Dr. Morton talks down a hostile patient.
Critique: Any time we see Rampart staff outside of the hospital it's a winner. A
65    Firehouse Four                                 4x11     Airdate: 11.30.74
Vitals: 51 forms a barbershop quartet against Roy's advice
Rescues:  A man's attempt at exercise end in disaster with bike and jogging accidents.
Rampart:pilllogo.gif (1306 bytes)A woman intentionally overdoses on sleeping pills.deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)
Critique: Barbershop? Obviously they didn't have cable TV, these poor men are bored to death.  C
66    Details                                  4x12     Airdate: 12.7.74
Vitals: Johnny gets engaged after a short relationship until he finds out some important details his fiancée left out.
Rescues: carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)A woman gets hit by a car right in front of Roy and Johnny. firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)Improper gasoline storage leads to fire with 2 victimsdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes). pilllogo.gif (1306 bytes)A dieting dancer o.d.'s. A boy gets a dog bite.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2Roy and Johnny must jump from a burning building when they become trapped.
Rampart: Medical show hypochondriacs.
Critique: Improper gas storage? Everyone seemed a little to reactive to that one, luckily Johnny being bitten by his future step son make this one.   A
67    The Parade                         4x13     Airdate: 12.21.74
Vitals: The old engine is restored at last but on the way to a parade the run into a fire.
Rescues: heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)A mandeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes) refuses treatment then causes an accident.  pilllogo.gif (1306 bytes)A man accidentally drugs himself instead of his date.Johnny and Roy must sacrifice their classic engine in a real firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Rampart: A man has a seizure in the waiting room, a child divorced parents argue over his treatment.
Critique: Real bonding for the boys in this one, their ending enthusiasm is contagious, besides the costumes alone deserve an A
68    The Bash                             4x14     Airdate: 12.28.74
Vitals: Johnny and Roy go to a Hollywood bash after rescuing a celebrity.
Rescues: Man attacked by bear, a musician gets an electrical shock, an explosion injures 2 men.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2
Rampart: Dr. Bracket tracks down a case of trichinosis.
Of Note: Adam West guest stars as the celebrity.
Critique: Adam West is great and seeing the boys in tuxes is priceless.  A


69    Transition                            4x15     Airdate: 1.4.75
Vitals: A new trainee suffers from a lack of confidence.
Rescues: A man is trapped after a kitchen chemical explosion, a child is bruised in a bumper car ride, and a heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)heart victim is trapped high in a Ferris Wheel.  A snke2logo.gif (1149 bytes)snake squirts venom in Roy's eyes51hurtlogo.gif (1350 bytes) after biting a man and another man has heart problemsheartlogo.gif (777 bytes)deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Rampart: John and Roy assist with accident victims
Critique: The trainee plot seems familiar but the snake was original.  B


70    Smoke Eater                         4x16     Airdate: 1.11.75
Vitals: An old captain fills in at 51 and thinks using paramedics are a mistake.
Rescues: An old man sets a chair on firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).  A heart attack victim goes downhill quicklyheartlogo.gif (777 bytes)deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes), a boy gets trapped in a storm drain and then has an asthma attack.  A structure fire with chemicals.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Rampart: Bracket subdues a biker with a hard right punch.
Critique: Crotchety old men always learn their lesson in the end, but he did bring up some valid points.  B-
71    Kid Stuff (Kidding?)              4x17     Airdate: 1.18.75
Vitals:Johnny underestimates a group of kids on a tour of Rampart.
Rescues: A man with a brain tumor takes his wife hostage. A woman stuck in her pet door.  planelogo.gif (1107 bytes)A small airplane skids into a school buscarlogo.gif (1228 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)4deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).  A suicide attempt.
Rampart: A suicidal author is brought back to his senses by Johnny's tour kids and Dixie.
Critique: Johnny's not that dumb and kids aren't that smart.   C+
72    Magic  (Prestidigitation?)      4x18     Airdate: 1.25.75
Rescues:The boys aren't needed when a magician frees himself from a locked trunk dangling over the water and gives the boys a puzzling gift.  A man's new fireplace injures him.  A carcarlogo.gif (1228 bytes) downs a transformer that traps a man in his bed. carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)A trapped woman is saved by Johnny despite a leaking gas mainfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Rampart: Dr. Bracket's father is brought in for surgery.
Critique: No good drama between Brackett and his father, an opportunity missed. C
73    It's How You Play the Game  4x19     Airdate: 11.2.74   
Vitals: Johnny makes a dumb bet and Chet is the only hope of winning the big baseball game.
Rescues: carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)A drunk with lead poisoning gets violent from the painexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2. A man is trapped in a car with a tiger. A man with back trouble is stuck in his waterbed, his wife delights in his pain.  A structure fire with explosive moonshineexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)4firelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Critique: Even being Chet-centric can't save this one from mediocrity.  C
74    The Mouse                             4x20     Airdate: 2.8.75
Vitals:The station mouse becomes Chet's obsession.
Rescues: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) A man trapped behind barred windowsexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)1.  A local bar hosts a fight with Johnny and Roy in the middle. firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A portion of a planelogo.gif (1107 bytes)jet falls on an apartment buildingexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)5explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3.   A man who mixes pillspilllogo.gif (1191 bytes) and alcohol suffers repeated heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)arrests.
Rampart: an elderly woman husband is comforted by Dixie when his wife has chest painsheartlogo.gif (777 bytes).
Critique: One of the best fire sequences of the entire series, with an incredible huge explosion.    A+
75    Back-up                                  4x21     Airdate: 2.15.75
Vitals:Frivolous calls keep Johnny and Roy on edge and looking for a better system.
Rescues: A man is shocked after kicking in his TV, a hypochondriac with fake back pain, the ambulance crashes with Roy Johnny and a heart victim inside.
Rampart: A young girl is dumped in the ER by her "friends" after an overdose.
Critique: The frivolous calls seemed more interesting than the real ones.  B-


76    905-Wild                                 4x23     Airdate: 3.1.75
Vitals: Activities of L.A. animal control are highlighted.
Rescues:Johnny and Roy rescue a man after a Bengal tiger attack and animal control takes over the remains of the episode including: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A canyon brush fire threatening animals. An exotic animal owner abandons and neglects his animals.
Rampart: The surgical staff is talked through saving a goat by a vet.
Of Note: Mark Harmon stars in this attempted pilot for a new show on animal control.
Critique: Roy and Johnny are missed. This new cast never really jells.  C-

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