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Season Five

77    The Stewardess                     5x1     Airdate: 9.13.75
Vitals: Johnny attempts to date a stewardess.
Rescues: A man with chest painsheartlogo.gif (777 bytes) on a flight with Johnny and Roy.  A man has a wreck on a motorcycle after a seizure. firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) Fire at a chemical solvent storage facility.
Critique: John and his troubled love life; this one is good if for no other reason that seeing John in action and getting shot down.   B
78    The Old Engine Cram           5x2    Airdate: 9.20.75
Vitals: Johnny and Roy have a someone who wants to buy an old engine, now if they can only find his phone number.
Rescues: A motorcycle accident hurts a man's back. A Firefighter is hurt by chemicals in practice. heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)A man shows up at 51's front door. The boys rescue a man from the water in an inlet with some rough seas.
Critique: The ending water rescue helps an otherwise mediocre episode. B-
79    Election                                     5x3     Airdate: 9.27.75
Vitals: Johnny runs against Roy in an election for a committee position.
Rescues: A man is injured and trapped on a crane.  A sculptor (Sharon Gless) accidentally traps a man in plaster.
A man gets his arm stuck and when released his brother chokes on a can tab.
Of Note: Sharon Gless makes her second appearance.
Critique: Mediocre. C-
80    Equipment                                5x4     Airdate: 10.4.75
Vitals: A lack of EMS equipment on the engine starts a debate when paramedics are delayed.
Rescues: A heart victimheartlogo.gif (777 bytes) at a construction sitedeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes). A child collapses after a tick bite.  A structure fire injures 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Chetfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3.   A fireworks warehouse fire injures 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Royfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3
Rampart: A falling tree limb injures a man's ribs and his condition is complicated by asthma.
Of Note: Directed by Kevin Tighe
Critique:  Good rescues help after the central theme isn't carried through out.   B+


81    The Inspection                         5x5     Airdate: 10.11.75
Vitals: The station frets over an inspection by cleaning for it all day.
Rescues:A parachutist is rescued from a power pole before the power is even shut off.carlogo.gif (1228 bytes) A man is trapped in a waterway.
Rampart: Brackett must convince a woman her husband's heart transplant doesn't make him a different person.
Critique: The rescues are weak and the inspection outcome predictable. C


82    The Indirect Method                 5x6     Airdate: 10.18.75
Vitals: A female paramedic trainee trains with 51, after a strange reception from the guys she becomes self conscious until she saves Roy's life.
Rescues:An old woman protects her house from demolition with a shotgun while her husband lays illheartlogo.gif (777 bytes). A man attempts suicide then changes his mind.  51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Roy is shocked by a power line at a house firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2.
Critique: Interesting to see how the station acts around a woman. B+
83    Pressure 165                              5x7     Airdate: 10.25.75
Vitals: The station guilt's Johnny into cooking something a little more challenging, he attempts a large French meal.
Rescues:A diver collapses on a dive and is misdiagnosed and put in the hyperbolic chamber, turns out it's a heartlogo.gif (777 bytes).  A well know chef sets his kitchen ablaze.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) A man is trapped in a dust fire.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Rampart: a victim of a gang fight shooting.
Critique: That chamber dragged on forever.  C-


84    The Lighter-Than-Air Man      5x8   Airdate: 11.1.75 (11.15.75?)
Vitals: Roy and Johnny are accused of hitting a crossing guard while driving to a rescue. It turns out the man is an accomplished acrobat and con-artist.
Rescues: carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)A just married couple hit a fire hydrant and nearly break up. firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A burning camper truck stops at the station and a boy is rescued. carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)A chemical truck overturns.
Critique: Roy's anguish reads well.  B-


85    One Of Those Days                   5x9     Airdate: 11.8.75 (11.1.75?)
Vitals: Johnny and Roy are creeped out by their very bizarre day.
Rescues: A mother in laws faked chest pains enrage her daughter-in-law to violence with the boys stuck in the middle.  The boys go up and down twice in a building with a broken elevator to help an alcoholic.carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)2 cars in a wreck and a blood trail but no people are anywhere to be seen.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) Johnny finds a girl hidden in a building.  A man with abdominal pain.
Rampart: Dr. Bracket deals with an a mother too busy to care about her own child. 
Critique: The day could have been more freaky, by the end it was too normal.   B
86    Simple Adjustment                    5x10     Airdate: 11.15.75
Vitals: Johnny and Roy work to find a way to tape record there calls while in the squad to save time.
Rescues: heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)A woman tries to avoid the public hospital, Rampart, in favor of a private one.  A woman in a hair salon freaks out while on diet pills and falls for one of the boys.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)Ship fire.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3
Critique: What's better than a confused Johnny pondering his mistakes? B


87    Tee Vee                                         5x11     Airdate: 11.29.75
Vitals: Johnny and Chet accidentally blow up the station's TV.
Rescues: A man glues his eyes shut.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2A fire in a storm drain traps a man.   While rescuing a man injured in a mudslide Johnny and Roy become trapped and must be cut out of the house.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)4firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Rampart: Dr. Bracket is bitten by his new fish.  A man with a ulcer.
Critique: Cool mudslide. B+ (fire in the station always a winner)


88    On Camera                                   5x12     Airdate: 12.6.75
Vitals: A TV news crew follows 51 for a news special.
Rescues: A teen is bitten by a snakesnke2logo.gif (1149 bytes). A stunt goes bad and leaves a man dangling from an I beam, a boy falls down a cliff and his dog is vital to his rescue, a man is hurt in a tar fire.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Critique: Those guys have way too many hobbies.   B+


89    Communications                        5x13     Airdate: 12.13.75
Vitals: A radio frequency problem with cross-talk between 2 paramedic units nearly costs a life. Chet buys ski's and causes a firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) in the station while cleaning them.
Rescues:pilllogo.gif (1306 bytes)deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)A woman refuses treatment for an intentional overdose and the boys must wait until she is unconscious to treat her.  carlogo.gif (1228 bytes)2 kids play around with a car and it ends up teetering on a rooftop.  Dr. Bracket arrives on scene to amputate a boy's arm caught in a machine, but Johnny's idea saves the arm.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A man pinned under a car sparks gasoline into a fire when he is released and the car falls. explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3
Critique: They really squeezed a lot into this one and it works great (fire in the station always a winner).      A


90    To Buy or Not to Buy                5x14     Airdate: 12.20.75
Vitals: Roy debates on buying a house.
Rescues: A house firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes) with 2 girls inside. 2 driving students collidecarlogo.gif (1228 bytes). An epileptic boy climbs a bridge on a dare and gets stuck.  A boy and his dog are throw from a truck in a collisioncarlogo.gif (1228 bytes).
Critique: The boy falling was brilliant and a gasper.      A-
91    Right at Home                              5x17     Airdate: 1.10.76
Vitals: Roy tries to do a good deed by caring for a boy who's father he and Johnny rescued but the boy turns out to be a terror.
Rescues: carlogo.gif (1228 bytes) A man and his son are rescued.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3A nighttime house fire spreads to neighboring homes.
Rampart: Dr. Bracket goes airborne riding with the Air Operations Division.  A meningitis case where the babysitter impersonates the mother so the boy can get treatment.
Of Note: The destructive boy is played by Poindexter Yothers, brother of Tina Yothers of "Family Ties".
Critique: Roy's distress is great but it would have been funnier to see some of the boys acts first hand.    B+
92    The Girl on the Balance Beam  5x18     Airdate: 1.17.76
Vitals: A father pushes his daughter to compete even when her health is at risk.
Rescues: A panicked performer is rescued off suspended wires at a studio. carlogo.gif (1228 bytes) A trapped drunk gives Johnny and Roy a hard time.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A boxcar with Ammonium Nitrate is on fire.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3
Rampart: Beginning with this episode, Dixie begins a multiple episode run of heart to heart talks with patients.
Critique: An old story(athlete pushed by parent) may not have been so old back then.  C+
93    Involvement                                   5x19     Airdate: 1.24.76
Vitals: A retired nurse turned patient needs a reason for living.
Rescues: A paraplegic is rescued from drowning but uses her disability as an excuse to give the Rampart staff a hard time.  A woman faints and Johnny and Roy discover she's wrapped herself in cellophane as a dieting method. A family trapped in a house with Carbon Monoxide.
Rampart: A man and his son suffer from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. An attempted suicide.
Critique: The nurse wonderfully plays a nasty old woman so well it was difficult to have sympathy for her or the bratty girl. C
94    Above and Beyond...Nearly       5x20    Airdate: 1.31.76
Vitals:Roy and Johnny get  accommodations for a rescue they can't remember.
Rescues:Old man with a broken ankle, a night rescue of a man on cliff.
Rampart: A man faints in the dental unit.
Critique: Cliff rescue was way too long.   C-
95    Grateful                                           5x21     Airdate: 2.7.76
Vitals: 51 saves a grateful couplecarlogo.gif (1228 bytes)who proceed to pester them with kindness.
Rescues: A boatfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes). A boy is hit in the eye with a BB from a gun but the tug of war with him between his parents is a dilemma that Dr. Bracket is left to deal with.
Critique: Dick Van Patten and Ruth Buzzi are great as the pestering couple.  B


96    The Great Crash Diet                   5x22     Airdate: 2.21.76
Vitals: Dr. Morton uses 51 in a nutrition study and Chet becomes obsessed with a new diet.
Rescues: While inspecting a new marine park Johnny and Roy rescue a diver trapped in an underwater exhibit.  People are trapped carlogo.gif (1228 bytes) and Captain Stanley 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)is shocked by a fallen power line.   A premature delivery gives the pregnant woman's mother heartlogo.gif (777 bytes) trouble.  A boy eats raw dough and has stomach pains.
Critique: The whole diet/nutrition thing was pretty weak.   C+


97    The Tycoons                                   5x23     Airdate: 2.28.76
Vitals: After inspecting and eating at a hot dog stand, Johnny convinces everyone at 51 to buy the stand, but the sole holdout is Roy.
Rescues: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)51 is embarrassed by a woman who puts out a dumpster fire in front of their eyes.  A man's chest is pierced by flying debris from a mower.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) A chemical plant.explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)1 Baby with breathing problems
Rampart: Gunshot victim
Critique: A lame explosion but the Hot Dog stand was a cute touch.  B-


98    The Nuisance                               5x24     Airdate: 3.6.76
Vitals: Roy must deal with a substitute for Johnny, the by the book Brice.
Rescues:51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Johnny is hurt in a hit and run after treating a woman in a stupor at a bar.  A man with chest pains, an abandoned warehouse fire firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)traps 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Marco, Brice and 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Roy.
Of Note: Directed by Randolf Mantooth
Critique: 3 members of 51 hurt in the same episode are you kidding?   A+

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