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Season Six

99    The Game                                     6x1     Airdate: 9.25.76       
Vitals: Johnny and Roy wiggle into a shift at the coliseum for the big football game, but are so busy they can't enjoy it.
Rescues: A man is pulled off his house when he's tied to his wife's van.  At the game a man chokes, heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)an announcer collapses, a hyperventilating fan, and an injured photographer.
Critique: It's a welcome change to see the format twisted, even without a fire or explosion this episode is excellent.     A


100    Not Available                                    6x2      Airdate:10.2.76
Vitals: An increasing number of runs stretches the system to the limit, Johnny and Roy look for solutions to bend the stringent rules.
Rescues:The boys leave a fainting victim in route to the hospital to help an injured accident victimcarlogo.gif (1236 bytes). A man with chest painheartlogo.gif (777 bytes) waits 20 minutes for 51 to arrive when covering for another squad.  A prisoner's escape attempt leaves him stranded hanging from a building.
Rampart:An elderly woman turns out to be OK then her daughter has a heart attack.heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)
Critique: When leaving a fainting victim is the most exciting part, it's not a good sign.  C-


101    The Unlikely Heirs                     6x3      Airdate:10.9.76
Vitals: A grateful rescue tries to reward 51 with 20 thousand dollars of reward money.
Rescues: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A vagrant in a warehouse who keeps his 80 thousand dollar fortune in his mattress.  A fainting bride collapses at her wedding.  A small plane planelogo.gif (1107 bytes)crashes into a warehouse containing, what else? Flammable materials.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)3. Searching for a lost cat.
Rampart: Dixie organizes a hospital wedding for the bedridden bride, and gives a boy a tetanus shot.
Of Note: Poindexter Yothers makes his second appearance.
Critique: Entertaining in a nice predictable way.      B-


102    That Time of Year                     6x4      Airdate:10.23.76
Vitals: Roy agonizes over a vacation destination and grows weary of everyone's suggestions.
Rescues:A self- defense instructor is injured by an elderly student. The boys traverse a cliffside to save 2 hangliders who have crashed. 51hurtlogo.gif (860 bytes)Roy is overcome by heat at a club during a fire victim huntfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Critique: The rescues are weak but how can you not love an episode about the sheepishly adorable Roy.      B
103    Fair Fight                                 6x5     Airdate: 10.30.76
Vitals:A Bassett Hound mysteriously arrives at the station.
Rescues: Johnny and Roy are called out to the same house for 3 separate domestic disputes.  firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A fire at a secret lab, 2 utility workers are trapped with Gage during an underground rescue.
Of Note: Directed by Tighe
Critique: The fighting couple is just plain weird.   Henry gives an excellent performance.   C-  (saved from a D by Mantooth unhinged underground)
104    Rules of Order                             6x6       Airdate:11.6.76
Vitals: Johnny and Roy vs Brice on a paramedic advisory board.
Rescues:carlogo.gif (1236 bytes)Driver crashes into a pole.  Two stunt climbers get stuck on the side of a glass high rise.
Critique: Johnny's whining crosses the line to annoying, but Brice is nice.     C-
105    The Exam                                     6x7      Airdate:11.13.76
Vitals:Johnny and Roy study for their rectification exams, while the wife of a deceased member of 51 uses the station as a crutch for her missing husband.
Rescues: A car stunt ends in a firefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)5deathlogo.gif (1318 bytes)x2 plus a badly burned man. A football fan with chest painsheartlogo.gif (777 bytes). A little girl unconscious after a fall off a bunk bed.
Critique: Good fire, good story, good episode.  A-


106    Captain Hook                              6x8      Airdate:11.20.73
Vitals: A hard-ass captain is retiring and 51 debates over throwing a celebration party.
Rescues: A mascot with heat exhaustion collapses. a bizarre family who freaks when they think their mother has died.  A recovering drug addict refuses pain medication after a garage accident.  A traffic helicopter planelogo.gif (1107 bytes)goes down and Johnny and Roy rescue the pilot just as the copter goes under the water.
Critique:  Water Rescues are always good and it's nice to see Hook getting those lazy boys off the couch. B+


107    Computer Terror                         6x9      Airdate:12.4.76
Vitals:Johnny fights with payroll over an overpayment on his paycheck.
Rescues: A man is trapped inside a car when it goes in the crushercarlogo.gif (1236 bytes), a man is injured with the help of his dog who complicates his rescue, two workers are trapped on a scaffold on the same building in Rules of Order #6-6
Critique: Johnny, so close yet so far.       C+


108    Welcome to Santa Rosa County     6x10     Airdate:12.25.76
Vitals: Johnny and Roy take a fishing trip to the title county where they find the lack of an EMS system and help to get one started.
Rescues:A man in a boat explosionexplodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)1 and two climbers off a cliffdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Critique: Nice to see the boys out of the regular episode form and that corny music is priceless.   B
109    Paper Work                                   6x11      Airdate:1.8.77
Vitals: Computer error causes 51 extra paperwork.
Rescues: 2 food poisonings surprisingly not from ancient wine drank but a recent sandwich eaten. A boy slips into a storm drain.  An acetone warehousefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)1.
Rampart: Johnny and Roy deal with a new strict supply clerk.
Critique: 51's paperwork storyline was weak but Johnny and the supply clerk makes up for it.    B
110    Loose Ends                                    6x12      Airdate:1.15.77
Vitals: Johnny's selling picnic tickets to try to win a waterbed.
Rampart: Dr. Brackett feels responsible for the death of a girl's father in an car accident.51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes)
Rescues: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes) A railyard.  An police officer heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)collapses during an undercover bust.carlogo.gif (1153 bytes)Dr. Brackett  gets hit by a drunk driverdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).
Critique: Dixie using Early to take her to the picnic so she won't have to buy a ticket is classic. Robert Fuller goes a little overboard in the drama department but who can blame him, he doesn't get many chances.   A
111    An Once of Prevention                 6x13      Airdate:1.22.77
Vitals: Johnny wrangles Roy into appearing on TV for a fire prevention demonstration.
Rescues: A boy gets into pesticides.  A man has a high blood pressure attack while on a ferris wheel and another falls while trying to save him. A man gets an electrical shock during the TV showfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes).
Critique: Hilarious, the boys even wear clip-on ties.    A
112    Insanity Epidemic                          6x14      Airdate:2.5.77
Vitals: Captain Stanley is paranoid about the new Battalion Chief.
Rescues: A gas spill causes firelogo.gif (1282 bytes)at a gas station, where Marco 51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes)gets a mild jolt.   A woman accidentally shoots her husband with a nail gun, a fight between 2 clowns at an ice rink.  A truck filled with pesticides has a carlogo.gif (1153 bytes)car crash into it's top after driving off an overpass.explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)3 firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)
Rampart: Dr. Brackett is fed up with a new administrator.
Of Note: Randolph Mantooth directs
Critique: No real resolution for the Rampart storyline and Cap.'s paranoia is more bizarre than funny, but the clown rescue makes this one a keeper.    B
113    Breakdown                                     6x15      Airdate:2.12.77
Vitals: The squad has electrical problem's and the boys end up crossing the mechanic. 
Rescues: A husband and wife weaving team contract anthrax through their wool.  A man is unconscious on top of a high tower.
Critique: Notable only for Cap calling Johnny a twit.     C


114    Family Ties                                     6x16       Airdate: 2.19.77
Vitals: Roy dreads the impending visit from his mother-in-law.
Rescues:A car rear-ends a truckcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes).A teen has a model rocket explode explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)1 in his home.firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)3 .
Rampart: A belligerent old man gets lead poisoning from a home brewed remedy. firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)A break out in the room of a cardiac patient.heartlogo.gif (777 bytes). Brackett and Early fight over who will go to a convention.
Critique: Who fights over not going to a trip to Acapulco?     C+


115    Bottom Line                                     6x17      Airdate:2.26.77
Vitals: Johnny and Roy resent Dr. Morton's overly cautious.
Rescues: Back Pain victim, hyperventilating victim and a neighbor who nearly drowns in a hot tub.  Police officer Vince is in an accidentcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes)deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes) and gets a head injury then pulls his gun on Johnny. 
Rampart: A man with Phosphorous burns on his arm.   A coach brings in a boy after he is hit with a baseball.deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes)
Critique: A lot going on in this little gem.      B+
116    Firehouse Quintet                         6x18      Airdate:3.5.77
Vitals: A heavy workload hurts 51's chances in a fire department's basketball league game.
Rescue: firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)Fire in a cafeteria, a man falls in a gym and an injured man in the ceiling of a theatre.
Critique: It's always interesting to see all the guys in a different setting.      B


117    The Boat                                         6x19      Airdate:3.12.77

Vitals: Mechanic Charlie puts his boat up for sale and 51 decides to buy it. 
Rescues: 2 victims of a boating accident on Catillina Island.  A bookie has a heart attackheartlogo.gif (777 bytes)
Rampart: A fire in the basementfirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)3 . 51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes)Dixie has some burns.
Critique: The island rescue was a little long and uninteresting but a Rampart fire is top notch.     B


118    Isolation                                         6x20      Airdate:3.19.77
 Vitals: Johnny and Roy become stranded in storm and are the only medical help for a whole area.
Rescues: 2 victims carlogo.gif (1153 bytes)come to station 86 where Roy and John patch them up along with a heart attack heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)victim and a boy with trouble breathing.   Later they assist engine 86 with a van over a cliff carlogo.gif (1153 bytes)with multiple victims.
Rampart: A police officer is struck by lightening.
Critique: Similar to Santa Rosa only better.  It's always good when the boys are in a different locale.    B+


119    Limelight                                         6x21      Airdate:3.26.77    (4.23.77?)
Vitals: Johnny is aggravated by Brice's new found media exposure.
Rescues: A man and his daughter are in a backhoe accidentcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes) and his hypertension and heartlogo.gif (777 bytes)heart become a problem as he worries about her. A babysitting coed hyperventilates while babysitting three rambunctious boys.  51 rescues Brice and another victim from a structurefirelogo.gif (1500 bytes)but the media makes Brice the hero.
Rampart: A boy who shoots himself with a pellet gun gets emergency surgery.
Critique: Brice is a great foil for the boys. The dog running into the patio door is perhaps the funniest moment in the series history.  B+
120    Onward and Upward                    6x22      Airdate:4.2.77
Vitals: Captain Stanley's taking the chiefs exam but is obsessed with his past with another chief which may hurt his chances.
Rescues: Johnny and Roy get stuck in an elevator with a self diagnosing doctorheartlogo.gif (777 bytes).  An actor on a soap opera gets mono.
Rampart: Dr. Bracket throws out the soap opera production crew when they try to do an episode inside Rampart.
Critique: Rampart needs more screen time but the actor/production crew were a little over the top, but Early is at his finest. C+


121    Hypocondricap                             6x23      Airdate:4.16.77
Vitals: Captain Stanley worries he might have arthritis and transfers his stress to the crew.
Rescues: A man catches his hand in a garage door opener.  Johnny gets hung up testing new rope. A woman is exposed to an aerosol can's fumes inside her car.  A man is stranded on a tower in an oil refinery firelogo.gif (1500 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)4explodelogo.gif (1555 bytes)2.
Rampart: a botched plastic surgery gives a woman an infection.
Critique: A tight episode with all the right elements.      A-
122    All Night Long                               6x24      Airdate:5.28.77 (3.26.77?)
Vitals: Johnny tries to write a TV game show.
Rescues: A musician with heart problemsheartlogo.gif (777 bytes), auto accidentcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes) with 3 victimsdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes), an elderly man gets trapped on a wire between two buildings during a stunt attempt.
Of Note: Tighe directs.
Critique: It feels like some vital part of the story was left on the cutting room floor.      D-

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