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Emergency! pilot movie (2 hours)    Airdate: 1.15.72
    (The Wedsworth-Townsend Act) (later re-edited and aired as a flashback 2 part episode in Season 5)
Vitals: Roy Desoto and Johnny Gage are among the first L.A. firefighters to be trained as paramedics. They fight for the right, through legislature, to be allowed to practice, one of their opponents Dr. Kelly Brackett eventually sees their benefit, after the boys carlogo.gif (1153 bytes)save a hurt Dixie51hurtlogo.gif (1342 bytes), and he helps the legislation pass .
Rescues:Structure firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes), a man electrocuteddeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes). Various men injured in a tunnel collapse, a young girl has an arm reattached, 2 victims in an auto accidentcarlogo.gif (1153 bytes), a woman hurt by a boat's propeller.
Of Note: This episode was later divided into a 2 part episode where Roy and Johnny tell the story in a flashback. Directed by Jack Webb. We see the elusive wife of Roy, Joanne, and the intriguing Brackett/McCall steamy early days.
Critique: Easy to see the potential of this show through the pilot, good character chemistry from day one. A+
Survival on Charter 220 (2 hours)     Airdate: 4.9.77
Vitals: A small plane collides with a commercial airliner chartered by a political candidate and his staff.
Rescues: Roy and Johnny are helping a girl with a head injury when wreckage from the crashplanelogo.gif (1099 bytes) lands on the houseexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)5. A dog points rescue crews to an old man.  Various residents, passengers and crew are rescued.firelogo.gif (1282 bytes) explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3 explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)1deathlogo.gif (1209 bytes) See the video
Critique: Very little Johnny or Roy and no one from 51 or Dr. Brackett makes this one a little dull. The awesome crash deserves a note.   C-
The Steel Inferno (2 hours)   Airdate: 1.7.78
Vitals: A high rise fire caused by some careless painters.firelogo.gif (1282 bytes) explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)1
Rescues: Various building residents from all areas including a stairway stampede, a firefighter's girlfriend and her boss, the painters and two firemenexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2.
Of Note: Linda Gray makes her second appearance on the show.
Critique: All of Rampart in this one but very little Johnny and Roy, but better than "Charter 220" C
What's a nice girl like you doing...     (2hours)    Airdate: 6.26.78
Vitals: The boys go to San Francisco to study their department's EMT program but end up befuddled by seeing female EMTs.
Rescues: A man on a bridge, an ambulance carlogo.gif (1161 bytes)wrecks with aheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes) patient onboarddeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes).Plus a pier firefirelogo.gif (1282 bytes)explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)4explodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)5.
Critique: Johnny and Roy are actually in this one, yay!      B
Greatest Rescues of Emergency!    (2hours)    Airdate: 12.31.78
Vitals: Johnny and Roy make Captain and reminisce about their greatest rescues.
Rescues: Various explosions, fires and funny moments.
Critique: It is what it is, the greatest moments with a little new Johnny and Roy.     B
Most Deadly Passage (Medic One Seattle)  (2 hours)    Airdate: 7.3.79
Vitals: The boys venture to Seattle to study their EMT program, and are amazed at how advanced it is compared to their own.
Rescues: It's a tour of Seattle: man injured in the Kingdome, a ferry firelogo.gif (1282 bytes) in the middle of the soundexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)2, and a skydiver off the needle plus a cow gives birth.
Critique: The Seattle landmark rescue tour is a little over the top but still interesting rescues.    B-


The Convention     (2 hours)     Airdate:
Vitals: It's back to San Fransisco for a paramedics convention and Johnny and Roy pal around with the local crews again. 
Rescues: A man chokes on food and then has chest painheartlogo.gif (1149 bytes)A shooterdeathlogo.gif (1209 bytes) pins down the paramedics while the boys deliver a baby. A research lab goes up in smoke and everybody pitches in to save numerous victimsfirelogo.gif (1282 bytes)numerousexplodelogo.gif (1547 bytes)3-5.
Critique: Not as good as the first San Fran adventure but at least Johnny and Roy participate in the resuces this time.    C

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