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Johnny and Roy Together

John "She is efficient, I admire efficiency."  Roy "You wouldn't say that if she were 50 and overweight."

John "Now wait just a dogone minute here...." (trouble with supply nurse)

John "It's always a pleasure to help a young lady. Roy "I bet he says that to all the girls."

John "If I ever get his age am I going to be that hard to live with. Roy " I hope not your hard enough to live with now."

John "It's much simpler to be dumb." Roy "You mean ignorance is bliss." John "No, it's much simpler to be dumb."




"Oh Dix you are beautiful."

"I'm Gage and this is Desoto."

"Besides a girl that looks that good can't be all bad."

"Roy you are absolutely brilliant..." 

"Why do you do that? Can't you see I'm trying to concentrate?"

John gets shot down  "...I didn't know that they had specialists, I like to get together and find out what your specialties are..."

"You must be crazy."

"Rampart this is county 51."

"Captain Gage, captain John Gage Los Angeles County Fire Department."

John gets dissed "So you live in Seattle..."

Dr. B: "Don't treat them a nurse is on the way , that's an order!"  John "To Hell with the orders."

"You mean that was a dirty movie?"

"Ever hear of a firebuff? Well she's a fireman buff."

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"Rampart this is squad 51."

"No we're fireman we're not policemen, we're paramedics we just treat people."

"Station 51 this is Roy Desoto."

"I'm Roy Desoto I'm a paramedic with the Los Angeles county fire department."

"Big Mouth"

"You know what the first rule of showbiz is...leave them wanting more."

Station 51, KMG 365

"I must be getting old I don't like popart, rock music, I don't smoke pot, keep my hair too short....."

"You and your sex fantasies."


erampart.gif (22121 bytes)Rampart

Dr. Brackett "A computer, it's the electronics age."

Dixie "Read You loud and clear 51."

Dr. Brackett "I know what to do I work here remember?"

Dr. Brackett "Everybody out of here now and I mean now."

Dr. Early "I knew you'd be excited."

Dixie: "And I'm Wonder Woman"

Dixie: "Don't be cute Kel."

Dr.Brackett "Get out of here hose jockey!"

Dixie: "Stop being surly with me Kel."



Alarm buzz

End theme song

Chet's pirate imitation "Eye Kelly, rub Kelly rub!"ehenry.gif (13260 bytes)

Music sting

Chet "Poor guy needs a marriage counselor."  Cap "or a baseball bat."

Cap "Station 51 KMG 365"

Drama music

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