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Season 1

STEELE: I'm a man who enjoys impossible challenges.

LAURA: I've worked too hard to risk everything just to get my teeth rattled.

STEELE: I never carry cash, it's so bulky

LAURA: I hate it when you're nice to me.

STEELE: Steele here. LAURA: What do you want?

STEELE: Maybe we can discuss this over a brandy and some tortillas

STEELE: You lived with a man who wears white belts? Am I disappointed.

PHILLIPS: Afraid you'll have a smidgeon of pleasure with your business? LAURA: When I'm in the market for pleasure Mr. Phillips, I want a lot more than a smidgeon.

LAURA: What I wouldn't give for a nice juicy murder.

STEELE: Steele Here

STEELE: Remington Steele never shows up wrinkled

LAURA: I don't know what to say. STEELE: Say yes and let me make up the question.

LAURA: You're all alike. Your hearts are in your pants and your brains are in your heads

LAURA: This is Laura Holt P.I, lets sweat some info out of these turkeys and split

LAURA: Mr. Steele.

LAURA: Stop that Zorro!


Season 2

LAURA: After awhile it gets just as predictable as any other job; find a body, find some clues, find the killer.

STEELE: I think someone is shooting at us. LAURA: Why? STEELE: Because we're kissing, someone always shoots at us when we're kissing.

STEELE: It's not how many times life knocks you down it's many times you pick yourself back up.

LAURA: Someone is going around killing bachelors. In that case Laura will you marry me?

My lord that's disgusting. STEELE: Thank you I did attempt to reach the height of depravity with that one.

LAURA: As far as you and Mr. Steele are concerned, I wouldn't be too quick to celebrate victory, we haven't even put on the gloves yet.

LAURA: Let's just say I have a soft spot for charming men with mysterious pasts.

STEELE: Aren't' you at all intrigued by a grown gentleman playing detective. LAURA: You forget I live with that every day.


Season 3

STEELE: We'll deal with my lust at a more appropriate time.

STEELE: By the way, the name's Steele, Remington Steele.

LAURA: We never close.

LAURA: Working in the trenches while a figurehead basks in the spotlight, it's enough to drive anyone to murder.

MILDRED: It's bad enough to be kidnapped but to be returned.

LAURA: I was willing to risk everything on the next roll. STEELE: It just makes you human Laura, appealingly human.


Season 4

LAURA: Stop that nun!

LAURA: You only want to talk about things when you've got me in a clench. STEELE: Who said anything about talking?

STEELE: Miss Holt what's life without a little mystery.

KEYS: Miss Holt I always thought you were an innocent dupe. LAURA: I'm flattered.


Season 5

Laura: I'm not your little woman, I'm not anybody's little woman.

Steele: Haven't you got any other friends?