In trying to keep the Shrine "of the era" of the show, I am concentrating these links on interviews that occurred mostly around the run of the show.  There are some earlier and later, if they are major, extra interesting or rare (as most of Stephanie's are, as compared to the proliferation of Bond era Pierce).

People Magazine July 18, 1977  "Beattymania"

People Magazine Jan. 16, 1978  "Family Tradition"

People Magazine May 15, 1978  "E is for Family"

Milwaukee Journal June 1, 1980 "Stephanie Zimbalist is Daddy's Girl"

Dec.11, 1982 Lewiston Journal Dec 11, 1982 "Remington Steele"

4 articles transcribed on the Steele Watchers group 1982-1984





People Magazine October 31, 1983



Tonight Show 1983 Stephanie

198*? NBC All Star Hour

1984 People's Choice Awards

People Magazine Jan. 14, 1985  "Looking for a Mr. Right to Knock Her Off Her Feet"

People Magazine May 20, 1985  "Take One"

Fanzee 1985 video interview Pierce and Cassie

1984 Today Show Pierce and Cassie

1984 Some Irish article transcripts from the Steele Watchers group

The Tuscaloosa News July 6,1984 "Remington Steele Proving opposites attract"

1985 Pierce on Late Night with David Letterman





People Magazine Aug. 11, 1986



Tribune TV Log May 23, 1987  "Zimbalist Steeled For Stage And Screen"

Tribune TV Log January 27, 1987  "Is This The End, Again, For 'Remington'?"

Chicago Tribune July 19, 1987  "A Gershwin Gig"

1987 Diet Coke ad Pierce

Tribune TV Log January 4, 1989 "Stephanie Zimbalist Returns To TV"

Tonight Show 1990 Stephanie

Pierce on Arsenio Hall April 20, 1990

People Magazine July 18, 1991  "Pierce Brosnan: Actor 38"

People Magazine Jan 13, 1992  "Pierce Brosnan's Loss"

People Magazine April 27, 1992  "Love and Remembrance"

Sun Sentinel March 19, 1995  "VITAL STATISTICS: Stephanie Zimbalist"





People Magazine Nov. 26, 2001



New York Observer "Actress Roles Over 40? ‘It’s a Big Fat Zero’" Nov, 24, 2003

LA Times Observer August 27, 2006 "Vintage Steele" Susan Baskin 

LA Stage Times October 22, 2010  "Let’s Meet at Kate’s for Tea at Five"

New Jersey Star-Ledger Feb 4, 2011 'The Subject Was Roses' preview