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Buffy: So you like to party with the students, isn't that kind of Skanky?  Giles: Oh right this is me having fun.....
B:Read me the signs tell me my fortune, you're really a lot of help with all of your books!  G: I don't suppose I am.
G: Another date don't you do anything else? B:There's never been another date, this is my maiden voyage.
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Cordy:You're really campaigning for bitch of the year.  Buffy: As defending champion you nervous?...
Angel: This isn't some fairy tale when I kiss you you don't live happily ever after.  B When you kiss me I wanna die.
G:Grave robbery that's new. How interesting. B: I know you meant to say gross and disturbing....
Buffy: Have I ever let you down? Giles: Do you want me to answer that or should I just glare?
B: Can't you put your foot down?   G: It is down. B: One of these days you're going to have to get a grown up car.
Cordy: Why are these things always happening to me.  Xander: (Coughs) Karma
Buffy: You must be so disappointed in me."  G: No, I'm not"  B: "It's all my fault." G: "I don't believe it is. Do you want me to wag my finger at you and tell you you acted rashly?  You did and I can but......
C:What does this one do? G: It asks endless questions so that nothing gets done. C: Wow there's a demon for everything..
W: Sorry how all this ended up with me almost shooting you and all.  Oz: Sorry I almost ate you.
Giles:Cordillia have you ever heard of tact. Cordy: Tact is just not saying true stuff.
Xander: Can I just say guuoow! Buffy:  I see your guuoow and raise you a nuueww!
Xander: I don't want to use force. Willow: Force is OK.
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B:This is Giles. Faith: If I knew they came this young and hot I would have requested a transfer. B: Raise your hand if ooo.  
Buffy: "Was I not good?"     Angel"You were great, I thought you were a pro."
Buffy: "I want my life to be with you."  Angel:   "I don't"
Buffy: "Angel! I love you."   Angel  "I love you too.'  I'll call you."
Giles"She was truly the finest of all of us." Xander "Way better than me." Giles: "Much Much better."
Xander:"It was too easy."  Willow :"I felt cheap"
Angel: You still my girl? Buffy: Always.
Faith: Tell me you don't get off on this Buffy: Didn't suck
Wes: A good slayer is a cautious slayer. Buffy: Is he evil?
Cordy:Crazy Freak! Buffy: Vapid Whore!
Buffy: You really love Xander? Cordy: He kind of grows on you, like a chia pet.
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Xander: "He's evil again." Angel: "I'm not evil, I haven't been evil for a long time."
Faith "Payback's a bitch." Willow "Look who's talking."
X: "Happy Thanksgiving." W: "Xander!" G:"You look like death." W:"Are you OK?" B: "You didn't bring rolls?"
Spike" Do you know why I hate you Summers"  Buffy "Cause I'm a stuck up tight ass with no sense of fun?"
Willow:"Don't you love me?" Oz "In my whole life I've never loved anything else."
W: You can't handle Tara being my girlfriend. X: Tara's your girlfriend? G: Bloody Hell
Xander: How? What? How? Giles: Three excellent questions.
G:We can't let you go until we know if your impotent or..Spike: Hey! G:Sorry poor choice of words. B: Flaccid?
Spike: You are one step away missy.  Buffy: Giles help he's going to scold me.
Spike: What are you looking at? B: The man I love.
B: You're a pig Spike. S: Ya well I'm not the one who wanted wind beneath my wings for the first dance.
Anya: I'm imagining having sex with him again.  Buffy: Imaginary Xander is quite the machine.
Willow: She's out with Riley, you know how it is with a spankin new boyfriend.  A: Yes, we've enjoyed spanking
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B:Giles are you breaking up with your car G: Well it did seduce me, all red and sporty. B: Little 2 door tramp.
G: He had a very specific olfactory presence.  X: Well I guess we're off to the olfactory, I hate that place.
B:What are you doing here? Five words or less.  S: Out... for... a... walk... bitch.
B:We're talking about two very powerful witches and a thousand year old ex-demon. Anya: Willow's a demon?!
X:Smart chicks are so hot. W: You couldn't have figured that out in 10th grade?
B: Mr.Giles will stay here as my official watcher reinstated at full salary.  Giles: Retroactive cough
A:Look at them all ogle no cash it's un-American.  G: Appalling it's almost as if they think money can't buy happiness.
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B: I do want you, being with you makes things simpler for a little while. Spike: I don't call 5 hours straight a little while
Spike: This is worse then is it? This is you telling me.. Buffy: It's over.
Buffy: Tell me you love me.  Spike: I love you. You know I do.  Buffy: Tell me you want me. Spike: You know I do.
Buffy: Just let me go Spike: I can't I love you.  Buffy: No you don't. Spike: Do you think I haven't tried not to?
Anya: Ever play shiver me timbers?  Tara: I'm not really much for the timber.
Buffy: When I kissed you you know I was talking about Giles right?  Spike: I always wondered about you two.
Buffy: Is that why your always cleaning your glasses, so you don't see what we're doing? G: Tell no one.
Spike: Do you even like me? Buffy: Sometimes.  Spike: But you like what I do to you.
Buffy: If you're wildly curious, yeah it hurts.  Spike: I'm sorry, or good!.
Spike: Do you trust me? Buffy: Never.
Spike: I'm just saying vampires get you hot. B: A vampire got me hot but he's gone you're just convienient.
Anya: What are we doing? Spike: Moving On.
Xander: We both know things might get ugly at wickapaluzza but if it gets bad Anya: Let me guess you'll propose?  
Anya: This isn't goin to get all sexy is it?  Willow: I'd be shocked.  
W: I even posted a few love poems back in the day.  X: Love Poems? W: I'm over you now sweetie.
Buffy: Welcome to Thunderdome.  Andrew: Two men enter one man leaves.
B: Your a gay woman and he isn't! W: This isn't about his physical presence.  A: His physical presence has a penis!  
Anya:You've been in here 30 minutes what are you doing? Andy: Entertaining and educating. Anya: WHy can't you just masterbate like the rest of us?
Anya: Cause if I get vamped I'm going to bite your ass. Xander: Wouldn't be the first time.
Faith: Damn, I never knew you were that cool.  Buffy: Well you always were a little slow.
Anya: He won't stop until he kills me. Spike: Yet here you are wlaking talking, annoying.
B: You shredded my outfit. Dawn: I'll buy you a new one B: I don't want a new cheerleading outfit. X: Llet's not be hasty.
Dawn: Maybe that's your power, seeing knowing. X: Maybe it is, maybe I should get a cape.
Anya: The weasel wants to sing X: He's primed I'll be pumping him in no time...He'll give us information soon.
Faith: "Thank God we're hot chicks with superpowers."  Buffy: "Takes the edge off." Faith: "Comforting."
Angel: "Everyone's got a soul now. You know I started it, the whole having a soul.  Buffy: "Are you twelve?" Angel: "I'm getting the brush off for captain peroxide."
Spike: "He wears lifts you know." Buffy: "One of these days I'm going to put you two in a room and let you wrestle it out, there could be oil of some kind involved ."
Buffy: I love you. Spike: No you don't but thanks for saying it.
Spike: Passions is on! Timmy's down the bloody well and if you make me miss it. G: you'll what? Lick me to death?
Buffy:  Oww  Dawn: dumb ass
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