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I'm Mr. Giles the librarian.
The Earth is doomed.
Willow do shut up.
I'll just get in my time machine and ask the vampires to postpone the prophecy while you take in dinner and a show.
Xander has taken to teasing the less fortunate, noticeable change in clothing and demeanor.....he's turned into a 16 year old boy, of course you'll have to kill him.
I must say that as a slayer you're doing pretty well.
Xander: How could you let her go? G: As the purple area on my jaw will attest I did not let her go.
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If it's guilt your looking for Buffy I'm not your man the only thing you'll get from me is my support and my respect.
In my years as watcher I've buried too many people but Jenny was the first I've loved.
Giles on football
I trust I gave good sqirm.
Hunter: It's good to get the fruit while it's fresh.  Giles: You'd be wise to take that back.
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Leaving aside for a moment my youth and beauty.
And I shall be wearing pink taffeta as chenille will not go with my complexion.  Can we please talk about the ascension?
Buffy: Why do I put up with this? Giles: Because it is your destiny and because I just bought 20 Coco-rific candy bars.
You listen to me I'm your watcher so you do what I tell you so sod off!
Well then let's do something, let's find the demon and kick the crap out of it.
Session interrupted? Who said you could interrupt you stupid useless fad!  I said fad and I'll say it again.
.....but sadly I must remind you that Angel tortured me for hours, for pleasure.... You have no respect for me or the job I perform.
All we know is that the fate of the entire world depends on, did you eat all the jellies?
Right, bloody pricless!
Interestingly I don't give a rat's ass about the council's orders.
We have to find Buffy something terribles happened.  Just kidding I thought I'd give you a scare.
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She said I was an absent male role model, absent my ass. Bet I'm twice the man she is.
I will not squat in that dank hole.  Spike: What it was good enough for me but you're above it all? Giles: Precisely
Oh for God's sake this is nonsense.
I'm down with the new music.
You have no idea how much thrashing you is going to improve my day.
In the midst of all that do you really think they were keeping it up?  Oh for a different phrasing.
Zander just because this is never going to work is no reason to be negative.
Much as I long for a good kegger, I have other plans.
You never train with me anymore he's going to kick your ass. Buffy: Giles! G: Sorry was that a bit honest?
Stop whatever your doing you smell like fruit roll-ups.
Bloody humans!
Spike: You've picked up a tail.  G: Yes just a little one it hurts when I sit.
What am I? I'm an unemployed librarian with a tendency to get knocked on the head.
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Well I'm not dead or unconscious so I say bravo for me.
We need to arrange the candles and we should continue to pretend we heard none of the disturbing sex talk.
We listened to aggressively cheerful music sung by people chosen for their ability to dance.....
Did you see that?  Real live customers, they came in, I gave them things, they gave me money, brilliant.
We are not your friends, we are not your way to Buffy, clear out of here, and Spike, get over it, move the Hell on.
I'm so proud of you, you've come so far, you're everything a watcher... I could have hoped for.
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I was trying to avoid a scene really. Willow: Like we'd make a scene. Giles: Not you, me.
If anything calamitous should happen history suggests it'll happen to one of us.
Anya is a wonderful former vengeance demon and I'm sure you'll spend many years of non Hell dimensional bliss.
There are no ooglie booglies Dawn.
Spike: Don't be a stupid... Giles: If I want your opinion I'll...I'll never want your opinion Spike.
The magics you've channeled are ferocious and primal and you are lucky to be alive you rank arrogant amateur!
You rank arrogant amateur!
You're a very stupid girl.
You're... Buffy: a miracle. Giles: Yes, but then I always thought so.
I'd  like to test that theory.
Do you want to be punished?
You think I'm evil if I bring a bunch of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?
Children, enough.
How can anyone think about their social life, these girls are in danger.  Didn't you see the flashcards?
We all feel each other! Including some of us who don't know each other well enough to take such liberties.
The earth is definitely doomed.
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