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Where are the video clips I like?
The entire video archive is to large to store online at once.  I rotate clips monthly by season.   If you can't wait for all the clips to come around in the rotation you can buy the clips here: INFO
1)You may be on an old page, I change video servers often, make sure you are bookmarked to the mainpage, it hopefully will never change and will lead you to the correct pages:
http://dogwood.phpwebhosting.com/~tvshrine/xfiles.htm or www.xfilesshrine.com
2) Hit refresh on your browser to make sure you are on the most current version of the page.
3) Excess traffic  can cause problems, wait a little while and try again later.
4) Make sure you are running the current version of Microsoft Windows Media Player go to www.microsoft.com to download.  These are not Quicktime files make sure that Quicktime is not your default player.
5) If download seems to have stalled try stopping it and downloading again, this happens most with the wmv files, it should pick up where it left off.
Why no sounds, pics, video clips of the Lone Gunmen, Skinner, Doggett.....etc.?
The site is big enough with just Mulder and Scully, plus I'd never have a life if I included everyone.
Will you email me the ____ picture or ____sound or ______video?
No, sorry.  Right click on files to save them or search your cache for all downloads.
What is the music in the Mix video clips?
Mulder Mix: Amiee Mann "Save Me"
Shipper Mix: Girl Interrupted Soundtrack
Shrine Mix: X-Files Movie Soundtrack
Shrine Mix 2: White Zombie "More Human Than Human" (I had it before Krychek mentioned it by the way)
Scully Mix: Hal "Extremis"
Shipper Mix 2: "I Shall Believe" Sheryl Crow
Laugh Mix- Apollo 440 "Stop the Rock"
Shipper Laugh Mix: 10CC "Things We Do For Love"
Mulder and Krycek Mix: Prodigy "Smack my Bitch Up"
How can I help keep the site online?
Don't link to the files on your computer or keep downloading to view them (this kills me on bandwidth and slows the site down)  Save the files to your own computer then you can keep them forever.  RIGHT CLICK on the link select "SAVE TARGET AS" to save the files.
Wow your site is the best! You're the greatest!
Thank you.
Tell your friends.
Visit often and buy stuff off my banners.  :)
Enjoy my other Shrines 
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