This is no ordinary episode guide, it contains a synopsis of each episode but also critiques and other unique observations and designations. 











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Ridiculous Moments- points out the curious and odd bits of story and production.

80's Flashback- While the show did a great job of being somewhat timeless, a few 80's staples make their way on screen.

Alias-Current alias' used by Laura and Steele.

Back Story- Dropped hints to Steele's history, including alias' from his past.

Casting- yes I know the names of those guest stars, but it's more fun to point them out as "Hey it's that guy from..."

icons used to denote frequently used (or overused?)
story points.

Steele gets hit in the back of the head

Steele wears a tux, often used and always appreciated. (includes the white dinner jacket)

Laura's in disguise (also tells the disguise, Steele's disguises are too lame for an icon)

Laura or Steele kiss someone BESIDES each other. An "L" or "S" will also be noted for who.


Annoying Blond- A staple of the 80's in general, this was a common character in many episodes (usually slutty as well).

Brush with Death- Laura or Steele are in a "life threatening" situation, also denotes how they nearly meet their end.

The Block- Someone or something interrupts Laura and Steele's hookup attempts.



The agency's gun makes an appearance or they use any gun (but not when they take a suspects gun and use it against them)

"Remington's Roundup" overused story device (taken from old movies like "The Thin Man") where Steele rounds up the suspects and accuses them one by one until the last one is the culprit (Laura usually solves it) often ends with Steele assaulting the culprit as he tries to flee.

Season 5 has a final tally of how often each icon appears.