This is no ordinary episode guide, it contains a synopsis of each episode but also critiques and other unique observations and designations. 


Season 5









Originally Season 5 wasn't a season, it was a series of two made for TV movies, and one 2 part episode, that aired at random dates in January and April of 1987 after the show had been technically cancelled.  In syndication and on the dvd these movies are divided in two and played as episodes.  I will list them here double noted under one title since they originally aired as one.  It's not correct technically but I want to keep the guide consistent.


88/89    The Steele That Wouldn't Die     5x1/5x2       1/5/87         Writer: Brad Kern
To try and prove their sham marriage is legitimate Steele and Laura honeymoon in Mexico, but Norman Keys is hot on their trail.

Critique: I don't know what I think about this one, it's OK I guess, it makes me realize why the show was cancelled, it takes more than mediocrity to really succeed.    C

Ridiculous Moment: Interloper Tony is of course planned as an unwelcome addition to Laura and Steele's relationship to make it more interesting?  Gleason, are you high?  That might have worked two seasons ago, at this point it's an unwelcome addition for audiences too.  Gleason mistakenly thought having Laura and Steele consummate their relationship would only sink the show.  That's actually a myth of television, this show has solid stories and could have held up, Moonlighting's best ratings came the season after they did it, and there were a litany of other reasons it eventually tanked.  I don't think Gleason ever really realized it was really over after they got cancelled.  I think he delusionaly thought his show would get picked up for a sixth season and instead of doing a great 3 movie final send off he was trying to set up for nonexistent future seasons.  

80's Flashback: I knew it had to happen eventually but it doesn't make it any easier to actually see it...Laura...with...a...perm.  Oh 80's! Girls, we all had that perm, and the horrible bangs that go with it, and we all look back in horror. What's funny is that it looks so bad in the show but there are a couple of really cute perm pics at the bottom of the picture page, she must have tamed it after the series.

Alias: Tracy Lord    BTW- first and only time Laura ever calls Steele "Remington"    CALL SHEET for this episode

(shot at)  

90    Steele Hanging in There   5x3       4/3/87                 Writer: Robin Bernheim
While Laura investigates a missing painting, Steele investigates Tony from Mexico who has shown up to complicate things with the immigration officer still bent on trying to prove the marriage is a sham.

Critique: It's so painful to see that guy in the opening sequence. Go away! You don't belong on this show!  Actually the couple of scenes where he and Steele are going toe to toe over Laura are really great, again this would have been a great story arc a season or 2 ago.  As part one of a 2 parter it's not as good as it's second half since it's mostly setup.    B-  I wonder if it's a coincidence that this episode's acronym is S.H.I.T.

Ridiculous Moment: This is only ridiculous on a personal level, but it's ridiculous the glee it gives me whenever they say "Mrs. Steel", I'm such a total girl, it's embarrassing.  I can't help it, it's in the DNA.  I don't want to giggle every time but I can't help myself, somehow I don't think I'm alone on this one.

Back Story: In Hong Kong 5 years ago with Shannon,  Alias: Douglas

(shot at)  LS

91    Steele Hanging in There   5x4       4/10/87                 Writer: Robin Bernheim
The investigation into the missing painting leads to London, where Laura is forced into helping the woman from Steele's past while Tony blackmails Steele.

Critique: Since this show is really all about Laura and Steele as the "A" story and the mystery is delegated to kind of "B" story status it can only mean good stuff and an...    A-

Alias: Trevor Keach


92/93     Steeled With a Kiss    5x5/5x6         4/17/87            Writer: Brad Kern
Laura and Steele visit the Irish castle he's inherited and decide to hide Tony there until he can prove he isn't a double agent. Daniel Chalmers must turn him over to the KGB as part of a scam he is running to help the daughter of an old friend.

Critique: It's hard to concentrate on the Russian spy plot that seems to run around in circles just to kill time, seems like this could have been one hour instead of two.  It's a shame this is the last one but most finales don't live up to the series they finish.    C

Ridiculous Moment: Laura's beret was so weird, is this France or Ireland?

Back Story: Steele learns the identity of his father as Daniel who was in prison when he was born after his mother died in childbirth. He found him again when he was 14, after he caught Harry picking his pocket.



89 episodes, 2 movies

11 20 17 L 12 S 15 12

SHOT AT 36 OTHER 39 but actual injuries- Laura 3(hospital twice and ankle), Steele 7 (hospital once, leg x3, ribs x2, ankle 1)

 28 13 10


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