This is no ordinary episode guide, it contains a synopsis of each episode but also critiques and other unique observations and designations. 


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1 License to Steele     1X1     10/1/82            Writer: Michael Gleason

Private Investigator Laura Holt and her Remington Steele Agency, named after a fictitious man, must provide security for a jewel shipment. Things are simple until a thief assumes the identity of her imaginary boss.

Critique: Great concept for a show, great pilot, perfect 80ís TV. The scene where Steele discovers the farce of his namesake in the hotel room and then looks in the mirror and says "Pleasure to meet you...Mr. Steele", is magical.     A+    

Back Story: The 5 Passports: Douglas Quintain- England/ Michael O'Leary-Ireland/ Paul Fabrini-Italy/ John Murrel-France/ Richard Blaine- Australia.  Alias- Ben Pierson in Paris and London

Alias: Ben Pierson

  < What are these things??


2 Tempered Steele     1x2     10/8/82            Writer: Michael Gleason

Laura tackles a case of industrial espionage in a family-owned business while Steele enlists an old pal to help him install a burglar alarm.
Critique: Actually shot first as the original pilot and then slightly reworked as episode 2.  It's beautifully shot and directed by Robert Butler  who also directed the Moonlighting pilot which has a very similar look. First use of Steele guessing wrong until only one suspect remains for Laura to get right. Which will be known from now on in this guide as the "Remington Roundup".    B+

Ridiculous Moment: What's up with that necklace? It's bigger than her head, and it's a little weird to have her in beige underwear for that hotel scene.

Alias: Harry

(Laura strangled)L


3 Steele Waters Run Deep     1x3     10/22/82              Writer: Lee David Zlotoff

A video game genius disappears just before a merger, with $5 million and the plans for his company's latest video game.

Critique: While it took them way too long to figure out this guy didnít exist, it was a fun ride. Plus there is something intrinsically funny that girl thought Steele was the guy's new boyfriend; hilariously played.   "Why is it always the gorgeous ones?"     B+

Ridiculous Moments: Why would you kind of throw away the first kiss this way,  clearly they were going too fast if they planned to stretch this thing out for the next 4+ years.  I mean it's just the 3rd episode, midseason would have been a wiser choice, I mean your two leads are kissing for the first time, get your money's worth out of it.

80's Flashback: Arcade Video Games, Side Ponytail 

Casting: Hey it's the guy from Bosom Buddies and Newhart. (yes, this is how I'm doing casting info)

(Arnoph x2)(shot at)


4 Signed, Steeled, & Delivered     1x4     10/29/82                Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron

Laura and Steele spend the weekend trying to keep a CIA researcher alive and on time for his wedding.

Critique: The ridiculous hair dye bit was annoying but after that things pick up.     B

Ridiculous Moments: Why does a pair of glasses make a disguise for Steele, and why would he need one to go to a wedding?


5 Thou Shalt Not Steele     1x5     11/5/82                Writer: Lee David Zlotoff

Both Laura and Steele have guests visit, Laura's mother gets caught up in her protection of a painting, while a woman from Steele's past asks him to help her steal the same painting.

Critique: The glimpse into Laura's past is always interesting as is the glimpse into Steele's.       A-

Casting: Hey it's the chick from Pierce Brosnan's marriage.

Back Story: German Autobahn & the Riviera    Alias: Michael O'Leary



6 Steele Belted     1x6     11/12/82                Writer: Michael Gleason

An ex-con enlists the agency to help him, but his alibi witness is found dead in Steele's apartment. His lawyer becomes a target for Steele when he goes on a date with Laura.

Critique: Steele solves his first case which makes Laura look a little dumb because it was such an easy one. The show is really hitting it's stride at this point and the chemistry is really working.

Ridiculous Moment: First time Steele uses fake evidence to elicit a confession (well not really, the guy just tries to hit him, it's still a circumstantial case at best) and then Steele stops the murderer with a punch.     A

Back Story: Brixston, London



7 Etched in Steele     1x7     11/19/82            Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron

Laura and Steele investigate the murder of a popular author's husband, whose steamy novels uncannily mirror her own married life.

Critique: Itís slow at the office so itís a perfect time to read porn. Hmmm. Glen Caron writes this one and it shows, he has a knack for the smallest touches in a script making it stand out.  Until the end where the Remington Roundup strikes again. B+

Ridiculous Moment: Those giant glasses of Lauraís, I donít get it, she said they are fake. Why would she wear them to listen to audio tapes? Is it to seduce Steele like her professor? If so, you are listening to porn together, he wonít need seducing. 

80's Flashback: Those giant glasses are both ridiculous and a product of the eighties, glasses that cover your whole face don't make a comeback again until the new millennium does it with sunglasses.

Casting: Hey it's the dad from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


8 Your Steele the One For Me     1x8     11/26/82                    Writer: Lee David Zlotoff

The owner of a Sushi restaurant hires the agency to investigate the jaywalking death of his brother which leads to a group of Japanese gangsters.

Critique: Japanese Gangsters? That's a thing? Iíve seen this one twice and canít follow the story even when I try.     C

Ridiculous Moment: Laura rises to seemingly kick the old man gangsters ass. Really? Did she not notice those guys with swords earlier? Was she really going to fight a man, even an old one?



9 In the Steele of the Night     1x9     12/3/82                 Writer: Joel Steiger

Steele invites himself to a reunion of Laura's former colleagues and as old grievances begin to re-emerge. Steele is elected to investigate a death when everyone else is a suspect.

Critique: I really like this one, the trapped in one place storylines are always effective on any series. Although could have been better if Laura had an actual motive and looked as guilty as the others.     A


10 Steele Trap     1x10     12/10/82                Writer: Michael Gleason

A client commits suicide in his office, and under the guise of investigating, Steele and Laura take his invitation to attend a house party on an island owned by a wealthy publisher.

Critique: Back to back Ďtrapped in one placeí episodes, but it still works. Great Laura and Steele "B" storyline, and bonus points for killing most annoying character first.     A

Ridiculous Moment: You suck as P.I.s, everyone died! Plus Steele keeps touching the murder weapons, someone teach him/them what fingerprints are.   

Back Story: He starts a story about Dublin, we'll assume he's been there.

Alias: Laura: Myrtle Groggins, Steele as Dr. Aurthur Bellows (Dr. Alfred Bellows was the name of the doctor from I Dream of Jeanie), Tracy Lord(s), the alias Laura wanted, is the name of a famous porn star.  Interesting choice.

(Laura shot at)S


11 Steeling the Show     1x11     1/7/83                Writer: Peter Lefcourt

An aging B-movie queen has seeming delusions of someone trying to kill her. Only Steele is trying to protect her from her own daughter and whomever might be trying to harm her.

Critique: This one is just slightly above average. Veronica and Steeleís connection is sweet, and her performance is top notch.     B-

Ridiculous Moment: Steeleís rash decision to go for the gun actually caused Veronica to be shot. Nice work Steele.

(phone)Hospital Inspector


12 Steele Flying High     1x12     1/14/83                Writer: Richard Collins

Steele gets involved with the murder of a naturalist when he serves on a committee to save the bald eagle.

Critique: This was kind of a snooze and Brosnan was at the top of the cheese meter. Remington Roundup returns as does using fake evidence to lure out a suspect, as also seen in episode 6. Itís the first season and you are already repeating stuff, this does not bode well for future seasons.     D+

Ridiculous Moment: Really Fred? You didnít see that super thick line across the whole road of giant shards of glass? Honorable Mention: That out of control jeep escapade was a long time not to see any Ďfront oní reaction shots, they were either short on budget or short on time.

(jeep with no brakes)S


13 A Good Night's Steele     1x13     1/21/83                    Writer: Lee David Zlotoff & R.J. Stewart

Laura interrupts Steeleís home cooked dinner plans for her with a case at a sleep-disorder clinic. They go undercover to investigate the disappearance of a doctor.

Critique: This one is entertaining. The Laura and Steele "B" story is good as well as the "A" story (dying docs) which is the success plan for any episode.    A-

Casting: Hey it's that guy from Mad About You.

(Laura strangled)Doctor (intruder)


14 Hearts of Steele     1x14     1/28/83                    Teleplay: Glenn Gordon Caron  Story by:Charles Rosisn

Bob and Judy Peppler have decided to divorce and their lawyer is dodging murder attempts, luckily Peppler is the undercover name for Holt and Steele.

Critique: Glen Caron crafts a hilarious episode. The only thing keeping this from an A+ is the use of "Remingtonís Roundup" at the end of the episode AGAIN!     A

Alias: Bob and Judy Peppler

 (Steele car over cliff)(phone)S


15 To Stop a Steele     1x15     2/11/83                 Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron

When a jewel thief finds his prize already stolen he hires Steele to find it. But having been hired by the jewelry store, Laura is already on the case, unbeknownst to them both.

Critique: A great and interesting concept, gets a little confusing once the real thief is found, and there is no real resolution of the love triangle.    

Alias: John Roby

(shot at)(Murphy blocked by Steele)L


16 Steele Crazy After All These Years     1x16     2/18/83                    Teleplay: Andrew Laskos & R.J. Stewart

Murphy's college homecoming is marred by a murder that awakens memories of a bombing on campus ten years before.

Critique: Guess what movie came out the summer before this episode? Uh, "Poltergeist" anyone? Love the competition aspect of this one, itís all kinds of good, I prefer these mysteries where there isnít a list of obvious suspects to eliminate.     A

Ridiculous Moment: Didnít Laura give up drinking just 2 episodes ago, does that not count champagne?

Back Story: An ancestor impersonated a general at the Battle of Agincourt.

Casting: Hey itís that chick from Basic Instinct 

(shot at)(noise of possible suspect)


17 Steele Among the Living     1x17     2/25/83                    Writer: Andrew Laskos

Laura searches for a vanished artist whose works have suddenly appreciated in value, for both her husband and the owner of an art gallery.

Critique: Bonus points again for an episode that murders the annoying person, but I don't know if anyone is actually paying that much attention to the murder mystery in this one. That "A" story may be dull but the "B" story is aces with clever innuendo and charming jealousy over Lauraís "Lovers".     B


18 Steele in the News     1x18     3/4/83                     Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron, Duncan Smith, Fred Lyle

Laura and Steele investigate the increasingly dangerous pranks someone is pulling on the news team of a local television station.

Critique: While this was possibly the easiest mystery of the series run it was still an interesting one.     B+

Back story: Orphan bouncing from relative to relative without even his own name as a constant.

80's Flashback: Wow that news set is as retro as it gets.


19 Vintage Steele     1x19     3/15/83                    Writer: Susan Baskin

Laura's ex asks her help when his bankís investment in a new winery is threatened by a body turning up in a vat.

Critique: While utterly ridiculous, it has itís moments, good directing, and learning about Lauraís back story is a welcome addition to any episode.     A-

Ridiculous Moment: umÖ.where do I start? I still donít get why you leave the body of the guy you killed in your own vat. Lauraís wild streak is a little much, OK a lot much, those lecherous guys were uncomfortably creepy. And finally, Laura is getting plenty of action in this one (3 guys, 4 separate kissing scenes) but you are in a monastery dressed as a monk, really?  That does it for you?

Alias:  Nigel Lindsey Woolsey  and Nigel Wooly Lentle



20 Steele's Gold     1x20     3/22/83                     Writer: R.J. Stewart

A prospector's journal stolen during a party leads Laura and Steele on a wild gold hunt through the desert.

Critique: Ug. This is all kinds of bad. Iíve seen this twice and cannot even follow all these people in this convoluted "story".     D- (only the sleeping bag scene saves this from an 'F'; champagne and one sleeping bag, Steele knows how to camp)

Ridiculous Moment: So much to choose from but in a wordÖ.Murphy.

Alias:  Sherlock Holmes and Bunny

Back Story: Gold prospecting in the YucatŠn

(Bunny)(evil laugh) What was that about anyways?S


21 Sting of Steele     1x21     4/5/83                    Writer: Gary Kott

Steele's mentor, Daniel Chalmers, comes to California to ask for Steele's help in dealing with a vindictive crook.

Critique: A little too dead on for a "salute" to the movie "The Sting", but the Steele back story nuggets are always good stuff.     C+

Ridiculous Moment: How can you place a bet on a soccer game after itís started, they are like 2 hours long, itís not like a horse race where they only last minutes.

Back story: Had a youth characterized by being an uneducated, unsophisticated, hostile hustler.  Alias:Harry

Alias: Johnny Todd


22 Steele in Circulation     1x22     4/12/83                    Writer: Lee David Zlotoff 

Steele stops a distraught young bank executive from killing himself then must find a missing girl and a "borrowed" $2,300,000 to keep him from trying again.

Critique: Good stuff.  See, you don't need a murder to have a good story.    A-

Ridiculous Moment: Inside a giant money shredder while in the middle of a federal facility break in, sounds like the perfect place for a make out session. (actually first season make outs in strange places was a funny bit, they should have continued it)

(shot at)

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