Season 4  episode guide

66    Steele Searching (1)     4x1

Prospect of Whitby Pub 57 Wapping Wall, Wapping, Tower Hamlets, London E1W 3SJ pub Steele chases Chalky out of and down the street

Marylebone Station, Marylebone, London NW1 5NR

70 Wapping Wall looks a lot like the building where Mildred is attacked

79 Wapping High Street, London, England, where Steele chases down Chalky on the metal "balcony" (look up on Google street view)

Carton House Hotel Maynooth, Co. Kildare Where Steele's "daddy" lives

"Scotland Yard" Lowther Lodge, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR. It is the headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society (Thanks to Camargue for this)

Manor Home of the Earl of Claridge Wrotham Park  Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 4SB  England  (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher)


68    Steele Blushing    4x3 

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA   FBI pulls in and the Auburn returns in pieces

Castle Park miniature golf 4989 Sepulveda Blvd. Sherman Oaks    The end chase

Ford Stevens' political campaign headquarters were at 5440 Wilshire Blvd. (Thanks to Camargue for this)


69    Grappling Steele    4x4

The wrestling took place in Grand Olympic Auditorium 1801 S. Grand Ave. (now a Korean church)

Blueberry Productions 8161 Sunset Blvd. is actually a Chase bank

Retirement Home The Standard Hotel 8300 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood 



70    Forged Steele    4x5 

Culver City City Hall 9770 Culver Blvd Culver City, CA     Steele confronts Laura for not coming to the jail.  Only front faÁade remains so a new city hall has been built behind it. So the side "Iím not going anywhere Laura" wall is gone. Stupid "progress".



71    Corn Fed Steele    4x6 

Warner Brothers backlot 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank     The town square the gazebo etc,. this was also Starís hallow in Gilmore Girls and while you canít technically street view it you can see picture links, there is one for the gazebo, the bank Steele breaks into, and city hall from the last scene.  You can also see them on the Warner Brothers tour.

72    Premium Steele    4x7  

Intersection of Constellation Ave & 2005 Century Park East     where Steele and guy are nearly hit by car

73    Coffee, Tea, or Steele    4x8

11502 Ventura Boulevard Final Approach bar (right across the street from Timeless Motors 2x6)

Van Nuys airport (probably)




74    Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele    4x9

Landale Street & 4400 Morella Avenue     motorcycle chase

75    Steele on the Air    4x10

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA    KROT exterior

Culver City city hall (night) 9770 Culver Blvd Culver City, CA     "Is this what you call a formal confession?"  (that's comedy folks!)

Mulholland Memorial Fountain   3424 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles    Laura and Steele jump into the fountain

318 South Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles     "We donít want any stickers" chase

Downtown at Center street and Banning     where the van wrecks and L & S finds records in van

77    Steele Spawning    4x12

CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City     Laura and Louie Anderson enter the "Studio" to return cop costumes and cop car also there are some "alley scenes" (on the pay phone) shot between soundstages.

1166 W. Riverside Burbank  General Motors Training Center     Laura and Louie Anderson pose as cops to pull over a truck in front of this building in Burbank

LA Equestrian Center 480 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA    various scenes played out here including Steele playing polo and beating up a bad guy and Louie Anderson gets pushed around in the barn (barn 'C')

78    Suburban Steele    4x13 

12506 Rye Street Studio City   Laura's sisterís house

USC is the school where Donald teaches and is abducted.

80    Steele Blue Yonder    4x15  

12017 Ventura Place Studio City   Flying Aces Air Freight ext (Radford Ave. side of the building) just half a block from CBS (car chase starts at this point) goes through famous 2nd St. tunnel

55 Winword Ave. Venice    Laura and Steele undercover in skates and as bum make phone booth call and chase Johnny on Venice beach boardwalk

AERO Theater 1328 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA Mildred is tailing Johnny and they go inside (BTW Google Street View can put this address a couple of clicks down the street but look for the marquee)





81    Sensitive Steele    4x16    

Will Rodgers State Beach     Pacific Coast Highway & Temescal Canyon Rd  Pacific Palisades      Laura and Steele's beach stroll



82    Steele in the Spotlight    4x17    

Lake Malibu  29051 Lake Vista Drive, Agoura Hills     Where Rose Marie is hiding out in the cabin and where Laura and Steele walk together at the end.

83    Steele at Your Service    4x18

160 S. San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena California    This awesome house, where the interiors and exteriors were shot, burned to the ground in a fire.  :(  The arial view from Google is interesting and the front gate seen in the show is visible in street view.  

It's also for sale, a real steal at just 6 million.

84    Steele in the Running    4x19   


Episode  4x11 The building used as Steele Investigations San Diego (Bay Building) probably in Marina Del Ray, but where?

Episode 4x16 The house for the Sensitivity spa

Episode 4x22 TV Shop

Laura's triathlon starts at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe 28128 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu  

Another leg of the triathlon is at Griffith Park Carousel

Union Station 818 N Alameda St Los Angeles, CA    chase Joan inside and out

114 w. 5th st Steele confronts his tail (5th and Harlem Pl)

5th and Werdin Pl alley (west side) Steele thrown in trash

Laura and Steele drive past Laura's old loft location on 800 Tracton painted purple! (no wonder she moved)

East 1st Street / South Alameda Street Steele calls from phone booth and Laura meets him in her track suit, the whole area has changed, nothing looks the same

Night scene with everyone chasing Joan has a fight scene on the side of Lauraís loft


86    Steele Alive and Kicking    4x21 

Laura's sister's house 12506 Rye St, Studio City

Bus station is the same from the pickpocket show, doesn't mean I know where it is, but that's something. It's identified in 4x11 as Union Street but there is only a Union Ave in LA so clearly a fake address.

85    Beg, Borrow, or Steele    4x20 

Hollywood Park race track or Santa Anita race track, I was pretty sure it's Santa Anita even though they say otherwise in the dvds, Camargue is convinced it's Hollywood Park, which is a shame as that one is closed and is soon to be the new home of the Los Angeles Rams .

The porn theater (Clinton Theatre) finally located at 526 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles (Thanks to Camargue for this)


87    Bonds of Steele    4x22  

LA county courthouse Steele comes out with his license and Laura gets questioned by Unidac security

12023 Ventura Place, Los Angeles, CA     Just around the corner from the studio, Laura and Steele argue on the street over him marrying.

Boat wedding     Long Beach, as there are battleships in the background, is probably where they set off.  I think the original spot is probably been converted to shipping container dock space but because it's such a large area I doubt I can ever track it down either way.  :(





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