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23 Steele Away With Me     2x1 

Laura’s House exterior     4520 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA 


The Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel Colonia Granjas del Marques, Playa Revolcadero SN, 39907 Acapulco 






Plaza Caletilla, bullfighting arena




24 Red Holt Steele     2x2 

Laura's First Loft exterior    800 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden  This is where Laura is undercover as a jogger and runs from the 3 guys in suits. I had mistakenly put this location at Huntington Gardens but once I went to the Arboretum it was super obvious this is where the entire sequence was shot, even the Orchid House.  Bonus if you visit, they also have the Fantasy Island House.

. tree in show (that's Laura under it BTW) tree today

94th Aero Squadron     16320 Raymer St, Van Nuys, CA    Restaurant where Steele takes the man out of the restaurant and threatens him against a tree.


25 Altered Steele     2x3 

Mulholland Memorial Fountain   3424 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles    Laura and Steele kiss in front of this at night.  (in a later episode they jump in it, to escape a speeding car.)

Occidental College 1600 campus rd.  Los Angeles   Interrogating one of the crying wives, I think it was the guilty one.



26 Steele Framed     2x4

Griffith Park tunnel- Mount Hollywood Drive (on the way to the observatory) Steele "hits" the guy with Laura’s car

Griffith Park Observatory    2800 E Observatory Ave.     Laura evades the police.



27 A Steele at Any Price     2x5

 "Conant Gallery" in this episode is the Ebell of Los Angeles, an historic women's club on 743 S. Lucerne Boulevard, Los Angeles (thanks to Elizabeth Fuller for this one)

  Painting chase: Fryeman road at Brookdale Lane and Valleycrest dr.


 28 Love Among the Steele     2x6 

Cardinal Timothy Manning House for Priests Estate where the party takes place 3431 Waverly Drive in Los Angeles. (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher for this one) There was a big legal battle for this property between the nuns and priests, the priests won (typical) and they are selling the property to Katy Perry. 

Park where Laura and Steele frolic and the jewels are hidden under a rock  Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden Arcadia, CA

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA 

House where they try to return the car to the doctor.    10272 Moorpark Street North Hollywood, CA

Timeless Motors    11514 Ventura Boulevard  Car lot where the Auburn ended up after the chase where Mildred drove.





29 Scene Steelers     2x7  

 Arden Villa  1145 Arden Road, Pasadena California     Location of the commercial shoot at the top of the episode, I'm guessing that the bar (sword fight) was inside the house because lots of shows shot at this house and used the interior, and this doesn't look like a real pub rather it looks like a basement bar dressed as a pub.  

 Huntington Gardens  1151 Oxford Rd.  San Marino  I'm also guessing the tea room scene with Steele was shot inside the Huntington Museum, where exactly I don't know, but the windows match the ones in the library, only the library has wood covered walls, so it's probably some other room.  Plus the Huntington was just a few blocks from the villa.

Central Hollywood Studios    CBS Studio Center main gate  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA

 El Royale 450 N Rossmore Ave, Los Angeles, Derek's Apartment (2 buildings away from Steele's condo)


Episode  2x11 Country club

Episode 2x19  Museum  & Broken Saddle Inn, inside


30 Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws     2x8

Most likely it's somewhere in Griffith Park where the boxer runs alongside the VW with Steele, Laura, and Mildred in it.

It's also likely the boxing took place in Grand Olympic Auditorium 1801 S. Grand Ave. (now a Korean church)  


31 My Fair Steele     2x9     

904 Benedict Canon Drive, Beverly Hills home of dying guy


32 Steele Threads     2x10  

Fashion building  126 East Olympic Boulevard    In the lobby Laura and Steele follow suspects and Steele chases suspect out the front entrance, Laura goes out the front to follow the model.

Union Station 818 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles

Vitamin Store is in Venice on the corner of Pacific and Windward. I think the interior was a set.  This is the same corner BTW where Laura and Steele use the phone undercover as a bum and roller skater in a later episode.

Mark's house where the body is found in the fridge 1417 Palisades Beach Road, Santa Monica (Thanks to Camargue for this)

33 Steele Eligible     2x11

The Forum Los Angeles    3900 West Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood     The finale is here with Laura rescuing Steele and him tumbling down the stairs.

35 Blood is Thicker Than Steele     2x13 

Party Pizza is now a Check and Go 12135 Roscoe Boulevard     Laura, Steele and kids steal the bus around the back of the store, totally visible on Google street view.

Estate where Mildred was kidnapped to.  606 South Plymouth Boulevard Los Angeles  (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher for this one)

Mildred bumps into the front yard with the RV is on the backlot CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher for this one)



36 Steele Sweet on You     2x14  

Building on fire at the top of the episode is from the backlot CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher for this one)

Hilton hotel Pasadena 168 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, California, 91101    Home of the dental and chocolate convention.  The hotel website pics show it has been completely remodeled inside and looks nothing like it did.

37 Elegy in Steele     2x15     2/21/84  

Presidential Car Wash 10515 Magnolia Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601   While in the cab S & L evade the girl with a trip through this car wash. 

Lakeside golf club might be the golf course based on it's proximity to the car wash and the river basin.
LA River Basin Chase: This sequence was easy because nothing has changed, it looks exactly the same, scratch that, it used to look the same, the bridge was sadly demolished in early 2016 due to failure of the concrete.  This is a tragic loss it was very historic and dozens of movies, TV shows and music videos and commercials were shot here.

The chase of the daughter on her skates is:

Under the bridge at 6th and Mesquite is the shot of L and S running toward her. 

1438 E. 6th looking west (toward downtown) is the shot of the girl skating away next to the bridge (which technically isn’t accurate because she is headed into the river in the next scene which is the opposite direction.

1450 6th St. (at Santa Fe and 6th) L and S pointing, there is a green building behind them (now beige) when they stop running (facing the other direction now from the last shot) 

They then run away from downtown (east) under the bridge crossing Santa Fe Ave. into the river entrance ramp.


After they lose the girl on her motorbike scene in the river basin, the next scene is them running toward downtown on the 6th Ave. bridge stopping at 1402 E. 6th where the bridge ends and they cross the street to Mateo and Mesquite where Laura uses the phone to call her mom (the phone is gone now of course, actually it was probably a prop phone)

Riding in the cab on was done on Pico Blvd. (passing the Dino’s at 2575 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA) 

River basin fight scene is just north of where Los Feliz Boulevard crosses the river right before the 5. The bridge has to have changed which is why it was throwing me but I'm 90% positive this is the location. 

Post Office 11304 Chandler Blvd North Hollywood, CA, it now has blue trim instead of brown.    Desquione gets nabbed.

38 Small Town Steele     2x16  

Disney Golden Oak Ranch is definitely where they crash the car into the pond, and is probably where they sleep next to the tree and find the grave. 19802 Placerita Canyon Road (closed to the public) 

 The town is Warner Brothers Ranch (formerly Columbia Ranch) that section (the western street) is, of course, gone now.



39 Molten Steele     2x17  

Same white multi columned house as "To Stop a Steele" 1x15 but it's not the Selznick house or the Marion Davies Guest House, I know that much, but nothing else.

40 Dreams of Steele     2x18

Alhambra embankment between 710 (long beach freeway) and West Valley Blvd. Laura’s car gets tipped by the bulldozer and they tumble down the side.  

Lavulite gemologists house 3906 Stephen M White Drive, Los Angeles driving there is the Bluff Place St. adjacent to the house

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium 3720 Stephen M White Drive  this is still exactly as it was on the show when L & R talk to the guy at the top of the tank of sea snakes (the tank was added by the show of course) Cabarillo today is pictured at right


41 Woman of Steele     2x19 

12238 Ventura Blvd     pawn store Steele goes into is now Franco Optical




42 Hounded Steele     2x20 

Hwy1 and Porto Marina Way cab drives under pedestrian walkway off the top of show then pulls into:

Topanga Ranch Motel (sleepy rest motel in show) 18764 Hwy1 Topanga

"Gem Exchange" 672 South Spring Street, Los Angeles    Laura and Steele exit out of the building after not taking the jewels and then they catch the dog/mildred-napper.


43 Elementary Steele     2x21 

Hollywood Blvd. is where Sherlock and Watson chase the chick and it's also where Steele rides with her on the motorcycle  

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA     The exterior of the psych hospital, Steele and Laura inspect the old timey car.



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