Season 3   episode guide

44     Steele at It     3x1 

Hôtel Majestic Barrière 10, La Croisette 06407 Cannes France     All the hotel scenes interior and exterior.

80 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France     The ramp to the beach Laura runs down, then they run north along the beach.

Cannes Castle on Summit hill     Where the car almost runs them over. (don't actually see the castle but the wall is there during the car getaway.)

JW Marriott (was Palais Stephanie ) 39 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France     Balcony or roof at the end where Laura gives a 'take a break' speech


45     Lofty Steele     3x2     10/2/84  

Laura's 2nd Loft exterior 940 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles    (note the side of the building used as an additional location in other episodes)


46     Maltese Steele     3x3     

Google has no Malta street views, come on Google, you're killing me!

Phoenicia Hotel The Mall Floriana Valletta, FRN 1478, Malta     All hotel interior and exterior scenes.

National Museum of Archaeology Malta     Where they find the cross and attach the fragment.


47     Second Base Steele     3x4   

I am still searching for those fields and what I suspect is a school campus.


48     Blue Blooded Steele     3x5 

Greystone Mansion 905 Loma Vista Drive, in Beverly Hills (inside and out)

Park where the knight tries to lance Steele.  Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden Arcadia, CA



49     Steele Your Heart Away     3x6    

Phoenix Park Racecourse, Dublin, Co Dublin, Ireland    Located on the northern edge of the park, due to financial difficulties the track was permanently closed for racing in late 1990.

Carton House Hotel Maynooth, Co. Kildare. It was used as Armsdale Manor, the stable in back was where Xanadu was held, and the part of the chase took place on the estate, it ended.... near:  

Horse cart ride final shot  near Sally's Gap R759, Co. Wicklow, Ireland  The sheep bridge is probably somewhere in the area but I cannot find it. 

Dublin airport   Co. Dublin, Ireland Laura and Mildred arrive here (Shannon airport on the show)

Regent Cinema (Bijou on the show)    Steele stagers out of this one but I think it's long gone as I can find no trace of it, and it even looked long closed on the show.

Tall Ship at Sir John Rogerson's Quay Docks  Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland ‎     Another shot of Steele stumbling along

Street where Remington is pursued after leaving the cinema  43 O'Connell Street Upper, Dublin, Ireland (notice Ned Kelly's on street view, the difference is 99%) the big trees in the median are gone.

St Michael's College Ailesbury Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland    Where Laura picks up Steele (An "Irish hospital")


The following info came from This Awesome Site

wake house (pictured) street view search: Annamoe, Co. Wicklow, Ireland then go down the street a bit, there are no addresses, look for the red door

Healey's Corner (directly across from the wake house), Annamoe, Co. Wicklow, Ireland    Healy’s is no longer there (the building is) but across and down the street from it is Flannigan's house (pictured) where they get off the horse cart between barn visits


50     A Pocketful of Steele     3x7 

907 S. Main St. Downtown Los Angeles     Where Steele has his pocket picked.

110 E. 5th St. Downtown  Los Angeles    Lucky’s Pawn (Northridge Pawn on the show) Steele is in the alley a few doors down at 117 E. 5th and in the alley directly across the street.

Police Station 11 6045 York Boulevard Los Angeles  Exterior Laura is arrested and taken here then Laura and Steele try to get Jackie to talk to them out front as he is released.

Biltmore Hotel (Gold Hotel on the show) Jackie's home 501 South Los Angeles Street (Corner of there and 5th ) Jackie gets arrested out front and where Mildred and Steele set up the dropped wallet trap in lobby. (Building was orange on the show now gray)


51     Puzzled Steele     3x8   

Malta again. Villetta is that beautiful bay with the church in the background seen numerous times including when Laura gets arrested and that end gondola ride. Here is a blog post screen grab about then and now, I would credit the author but I can't track them down.

52     Cast in Steele     3x9

Hollywood Building at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Cherokee     exterior where Laura gets out of her car to go to the handwriting consultant.

7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (Roosevelt Hotel) Laura and Steele driving

TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and Mann's Chinese Theatre)  6925 Hollywood Blvd.     Chase scene

54     Let's Steele a Plot     3x11


Episode  3x11 stone house where writers meet

Episode 3x11  Postal Boxes location at 14938 1/2  "something" is still a mystery

Episode 3x14 location of the "San Diego" Steele office looks like the Marina but exactly where?

Episode 3x4  The baseball fields.

5321 Radford Avenue (at corner of Weddington and Radford) house where Steele interviews Maxie Delano

11360 to 11138 Ventura Blvd.    drive where Steele and Laura discuss visceral Butch 

55     Gourmet Steele     3x12

Driving along Ventura Blvd. at Carpenter Ave. before they go to the mail boxes

Carney's Express 12601 Ventura Blvd, Studio City      Hotdog reviewer scene

56     Stronger Than Steele     3x13

CBS Studio Center 4024 Radford Ave. Studio City     Mack Sennett building     murderer’s office (Steele climbs trellis) 

CBS Studio Center front gate (Central Hollywood Studios on the show)     the stone wall they climb over is the actual wall around the studio as well

57     Have I Got a Steele For You     3x14 

The Courtney Doll Company is the side of Laura's 2nd Loft exterior 940 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles

58     Springtime For Steele     3x15

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse 320 S. Mission Drive, San Gabriel, CA  (interior & exterior)



60     Diced Steele     3x17

Desert Inn Las Vegas exterior (casino interiors?)   demolished to become The Wynn Las Vegas 

Hoover Dam N 36.016222, W -114.737245 Steele takes tail on a detour to here

Freemont Casino across from 4 Queens on 202 East Fremont Street sidewalk money scramble 

Golden Nugget 129 Fremont Street closing shot sidewalk walking toward the Frontier (it's the pic over there on the right)


61     Now You Steele it, Now You Don't     3x18

Antiques Store  8432 Melrose Place   shown vacant on Google street view (pic on the left) but has since been possibly demolished and is a trendy two story boutique now.    Laura follows the shoplifter from here and later returns with Steele to question owner



62     Illustrated Steele     3x19 

Ventura Blvd onto Van Nuys Blvd to Moorpark St     Laura and Steele driving with skis

4415 saugas ave sherman oaks  Condo of the client

Malibu Castle Kashan The cartoonist castle house was destroyed in an Oct 2007 fire

63     Steele in the Chips     3x20 

Racquet Centre 10933 Ventura Blvd., Studio City     Demolished for a strip mall in 1998    all the tennis scenes with Geena Davis

Palisades Charter High School 15777 Bowdoin Street, Pacific Palisades, California    Final chase all around exterior and interior (gym)


64     Steele Trying     3x21

InterContinental Mark Hopkins Nob Hill, San Francisco    exterior, NOT interior as they did not use the principal actors for the San Francisco scenes

Funeral Townhouse Warner Ranch (forth house from left) 411 N. Hollywood Way  Burbank, CA   I think this is correct as the guy that shoots at them looks like he has the fountain behind him. (the one from the "Friends" show open)



65     Steele of Approval     3x22 

Laura chased in car by William Westfield pass Lendway Manor, like 5 times at 10500 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, they turn left onto Strohm Ave. (which dead ends, I don’t know where that lumber yard is)

4649 Willow Crest Ave - gutter Laura falls into

Institute of Mexican Culture 125 Paso de la Plaza #100 Los Angeles right next to Union Station stands if for Mexican airport where Laura crawls out the window and the building Laura comes out of in a huff before crossing into the adjacent plaza and bitching to William about Steele.

Los Angeles Athletic Club 431 W. 7th St. Where Steele interrogates while jogging on the concourse above the pool  

political conspirators meet at the Park Plaza Hotel  607 Park View Street (Thanks to Camargue for this)



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