Season 1  episode guide

1 License to Steele     1X1

The Huntington Sheraton Pasadena was closed in 1985 and demolished in 1988.  The ballrooms were not demolished and were incorporated into another hotel, the Langham Huntington.    1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue 

2 Tempered Steele     1x2

Will Rogers State Park 1501 Will Rogers State Park Rd. Los Angeles     Barn Laura searches and polo field where Steele plays. (go up to the house and you can see the old barn from the far end of the porch, it's open and you can walk through)

IN THE SHOW             TODAY

El Patio Inn 11463 Ventura Ave. Los Angeles     Laura and Murphy undercover, and chasing suspect in the parking lot.

The Ambassador Hotel     Laura meets Meecham while Steele searches his hotel room.  
At the time this was an empty hotel used by many film crews back in the day before it was finally demolished in 2005. It's now Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools (uh yeah, it's THAT Ambassador Hotel, what's bad is I didn't get the connection until I finished 2 seasons of locations and then came back to check the link, dur!) For old pics.  This hotel's history is a really interesting story that I knew nothing about until I randomly found it by searching for "the Palm Bar" in the background as Laura crosses the lobby.  Now I've visited a lot of links on it and it is a fascinating and sad story.  Here is another site with lots of links.
Alley where Steel stands with the bums around the trash can fire was on the backlot at CBS Stuido Center,the façade in the background has since been demolished (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher for this one)

3 Steele Waters Run Deep     1x3

Steele's Apartment exterior      316 N Rossmore Ave Los Angeles

Marina Del Rey 13755 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey Laura and Steele walk the dock and have their first kiss and then are shot at, naturally.

4 Signed, Steeled, & Delivered     1x4

Universal Furniture 11200 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA    This is the parking lot where Laura runs from the car into a supermarket. Sadly this is now a new building housing a Michaels.  I got this info from a Rockford Files website with a screen grab of the building side that has the address and name. Camargue is convinced The “Market Basket” supermarket was at 11315 Ventura Blvd, now a fitness center.  

6 Steele Belted     1x6

The Ambassador Hotel     Where Buddy was staying, Laura walks through the lobby and talks to Buddy and his lawyer in his room. This was an empty hotel used by many film crews back in the day before it was finally demolished in 2005

CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA    Creighton Phillips guard gate infiltrated by Steele and Murphy

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA     Steele gives Laura the Rolls Royce.

Remington's Apartment House (This was the original pilot) Savoy Plaza, 1360 North Crescent Heights Blvd. West Hollywood (Thanks to Camargue for this)

8 Your Steele the One For Me     1x8

Buddist Temple 505 E. 3rd Street Little Tokyo Downtown Los Angeles    Laura and Steele come out of this temple and down the stairs to talk with their client after the funeral.

Oomasa Sushi Restaurant  100 Japanese Village Plz Los Angeles    

 Tokyo Kaikan restaurant at 337 E. 1st Street (today the building is the Suehiro Café) (Thanks to Camargue for this)

Movie Theater 
3020 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90016. The building is today called the West Angeles Performing Arts Theater, established in 1992. Prior to that, it was really called the Kokusai Theater 
(Thanks to Camargue for this)


10 Steele Trap     1x10

All the exterior stuff is done on the CBS backlot lagoon area which was taken out in 1997.

12 Steele Flying High     1x12 

Summit County Records building where Steel and Laura look up the land records.  CBS Studio Center backlot writers building.  (thanks to Thomas J. Pucher for this one)

14 Hearts of Steele     1x14 


Episode  1x16 Campus for these: stage table I thought it might be USC but even after a visit I can't confirm or deny it.

Episode 1x14 Golf Course/Country Club? where the Pepplers play golf

Los Angeles County Courthouse 110 North Grand Avenue, Los Angeles    While this famous building is shown as the exterior shot for this scene, it doesn't look like where Bob and Laura Peppler's fake slap fight occurred.

15 To Stop a Steele     1x15 

Queen Mary 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, United States  Shown as an exterior shot. Again I am fairly sure the interiors were not shot there, however in the multiple times I've been to LA I have never been to the Queen Mary (it just seems super lame) so I can't say for sure.

16 Steele Crazy After All These Years     1x16 

UCLA  Royce Hall and Powell Library were used as the establishing exteriors but the actual campus was most likely USC but there have been renovations and I can't be completely confident. 


17 Steele Among the Living     1x17

Spriggs Art Gallery La Cienega Boulevard 749?(just to the right of 756)  It's columns are brown now and the cool white window insets are gone as well as the planter boxes, just goes to show how unique architecture can be ruined so easily.

8488 Waring Avenue, Los Angeles garage where Leo ducks car into and S&L catch the cab, it's also where Leo escapes the foot chase where he runs to
hide in a box, it's actually beside the garage (directly behind the art galleries)

Car Chase at Wilshire and Olympic (where Leo cuts through gas station parking lot)

The crossed palm trees are at 5500 Palos Verdes Drive South, Rancho Palos Verdes, 90275.
(Thanks to Camargue for this)




18 Steele in the News     1x18

Los Angeles Coliseum is shown as an exterior but is it the coliseum locker room? Probably not.

The exterior Golden Lady Ballroom was also in Starsky and Hutch and was on a backlot. The interior was probably the Ambassador Hotel.


19 Vintage Steele     1x19 

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA 

The Abbey-  Mission San Fernando Rey de España 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd.  Mission Hills, CA 91345  This is worth every penny of the $5 admission price, includes not just the basement wine cellar and abbey rooms but outside is the driveway where Laura kisses the banker goodbye next to the cab. (it's on the back side of the gift shop) Weird side note: Bob Hope is buried here.
 Establishing shot exterior is actually of the Santa Ines Mission (it threw me off for a little while but definitely none of the interiors were shot there)  1760 Mission Drive, Solvang, CA
The Winery- Ontario, Ca  Guasti Winery (a.k.a. Brookside Winery), 2903 Guasti Road and since sold and turned into commercial real estate. I've seen a photo from back when it was open and this is indeed it. There are some old buildings there still standing as of 2014 but none from the episode  :( -thanks to Thomas J. Pucher  





20 Steele's Gold     1x20  

Moby's Dock Santa Monica Pier, bar where Laura and Remington question patrons is long gone, probably another restaurant by now.

That great western street was a tough one. I've been obsessed with it for awhile and just found it randomly looking for something else. There were once dozens of western streets and every studio had one or more, most are gone now so it was tough to track down. I had originally eliminated CBS Studio Center but I found an aerial view and it's totally it and I'm super psyched I found it! (Let's just ignore the fact that it was the most obvious choice and it took searching a ton of websites to finally find it.) Click the photo for a bigger pic of backlot view

Vasquez Rocks County Park - not positive on this one but it looks very close.  There were definitely some desert scenes shot on a soundstage (including all the night stuff) but most were shot on location. 10700 Escondido Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA


21 Sting of Steele     1x21

 Westin Bonaventure Hotel lobby in Downtown LA 404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles     Laura and her mother on the hunt for Chalmers.  

 Millinium Biltmore Hotel- 5th and Olive  Hodkins hotel exterior and interior (Thanks to Camargue for the conformation)

22 Steele in Circulation     1x22 

The Scoville Bridge 550 West Colorado Boulevard Pasadena (top of bridge)  88 South Arroyo Boulevard Pasadena (side view)  Steele talks the guy off the ledge, it's also in the background as they find him sleeping at the bridge base.  Also called "Suicide Bridge" and has been refurbished in the '90's so if looks a bit different.  Neither address worked on my GPS but those are "in the neighborhood"

Administrations Building, CBS Studio Center  4024 Radford Ave. Studio City, CA  Where he finds his car has been stolen




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