# / Episode Name / Air Date / Prod # / Season- Num. 

41: A Trip to the Moon     9/29/1987     4 - 1 
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Ray Charles (Himself), Dr. Joyce Brothers (Herself), Charles Rocket (Richie Addison), Harold J. Surratt (Cab Driver)

    After a month of intimacy, Maddie begins to question just where this relationship with David is headed. 
David: I love you Maddie.  Maddie: I love you David.
Critique: A great send up of the Honeymooners and it works well with the story. But David, a Laundromat? No wonder you got dumped.   A
Songs: Ray Charles- Hit the Road Jack
            Ray Charles-  What'd I Say
            Ray Charles-Georgia on My Mind            

42: Come Back Little Shiksa     10/6/1987     4 - 2 
Writer: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Robert Weber (Alexander Hayes), Eva Marie Saint (Jennie Hayes), John Goodman (Donald Chase), Kay Lenz (Ellen), Frances E. Nealy (Roberta) 

    With Maddie in Chicago, Dave feels very sympatico with a client who offers $10,000 if they can locate the woman he spent one memorable night with. 
David: Me here, you there, it's unnatural that's what it is. It's yin without yang, vice without versa.  I miss it Maddie, and I miss you.
Critique: Yin without Yang is right, first of many episodes that do not function with just Dave.  The claymation bumps it up to  a...     C+
Songs: Rod Stewart- Do You Think I'm Sexy
            Jimi Hendrix-  Manic Depression            

43: Take a Left at the Altar     10/13/1987     4 - 3 
Writer: Karen Hall 
Director: Sam Weisman 
Guest star: Robert Weber (Alexander Hayes), Eva Marie Saint (Jennie Hayes), Maggie Egan (Airport Employee), Amanda Plummer (Jackie Wilbourne), Terry O'Quinn (Bryant Wilbourne), Jane Daly (Mrs. Girardi)

    David recruits Bert Viola as his detecting companion in a case concerning a man who failed to show up for his wedding while Maddie continues to brood in Chicago. 
David: Don't worry stay in Chicago as long as you need to.  One last thing, this is all a bunch of crap . I'm miserable and I want you to come home. 
Critique: Could Burt be anymore annoying?!  C        
(Dave)7 (Bi-plane)

44: Tale in Two Cities     11/3/1987     4 - 4 
Writer: Charles H. Eglee, Roger Director 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Robert Weber (Alexander Hayes), Eva Marie Saint (Jennie Hayes),Cleavant Derricks (Leonard Haven), R.H. Thomson (Dr. Steve Hill), Walter Olkewicz (Leon Summers), Pamela Bowen (Rita Corley), Romy Walthall (Genevieve), Lisa Mende (Eleanor Summers), April Dawn (Opal Summers), Stan Yale (Homeless Man), Jean Speegle Howard (Mrs. Cousins)

    Maddie's parents throw a party for her in Chicago while Dave and Bert party it up in LA.
Critique: More Maddie's parents, less annoying Burt please.    B-
Songs: Lesie Gore- Leader of the Pack
            I'm a Man- Chicago Transit Authority           

45: Cool Hand Dave (1)     11/17/1987     87005     4 - 5 
Writer: Roger Director, Charles H. Eglee 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Rocky Giordani (Unknown), Tracey Walter (Arnie Stegler), Cheryl Carter (Airline Employee), Darwyn Swalve (Darwyn),  Tony Bill (Scott "Mad Dog" Hundley), Anthony De Longis (Chain Gang Soloist) 

    Ms. Dipesto lets Maddie's secret slip, so Dave frantically tries to fly to Chicago, but he gets waylaid and makes an unexpected side trip to prison under another man's name. 
Critique: If only there were a few more prisoner clichés.   B-
Songs: Red Red Robin- Ethel Merman                      

46: Cool Hand Dave (2)     12/1/1987     4 - 6 
Writer: Roger Director, Charles H. Eglee 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Rocky Giordani, Tracey Walter (Arnie Stegler), Toni Sawyer (ABC Executive), Matt McKenzie, Raymond Ma (Asian David Addison Candidate), Darwyn Swalve (Darwyn), Jack Murdock , Ken Foree , Penny Santon (Madame Palmer), Tony Bill (Scott "Mad Dog" Hundley)

     Dave attempts to escape from his wrongful imprisonment. 
David: The day she walked into my office I thought destiny was giving me a massage.
Critique: Did this really need 2 episodes, or was it the best way to fill "no Maddie" time?   C+

47: Father Knows Last     12/15/1987     4 - 7 
Writer: Kerry Ehrin 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Robert Weber (Alexander Hayes), Eva Marie Saint (Jennie Hayes), R.H. Thomson (Dr. Steve Hill), Pamela Bowen (Rita Corley), Cleavant Derricks (Leonard Haven) 

    As the agency falls apart Mr. Hayes visits Dave, after his return to the agency, to prod him to take some responsibility for Maddie's unborn child.
Burt: What about Blue Moon?! What about the dream? 
Critique: Wow, this one really shines, everyone is great and Weber and Willis are great VS each other.  Maddie who?  A+

48: Los Dos DiPestos     1/5/1988     87008     4 - 8 

Writer: Doug Steinberg 
Director: Gerald Perry Finnerman 
Guest star: Ron Troncatty (Paul Burden), Imogene Coca (Clara DiPesto), Ellen Albertini Dow (Mrs. Baer), Reni Santoni (Sr. Arredondo), Gary Epper (Man in Cantina), Gonzalez Gonzalez (Mexican Singer), Robin Welch (Ballerina), Tom Ashworth (Shaving Man), Katherine James (Housewife) 

    Ms. Dipesto's mother returns from a visit to Mexico carrying more than she realizes and becomes the target for several different parties. 
Critique: Imogene Coca is perfect casting as Agnes' mother and the 2 have great combo chemistry.      C+

49: Fetal Attraction     1/19/1988     4 - 9
Writer: Charles H. Eglee, Roger Director 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Story: Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Kerry Ehrin
Guest star: Robert Weber (Alexander Hayes), Eva Marie Saint (Jennie Hayes), Sandra Bogan (Mrs. Jacobson), Brooke Adams (Terri Knowles), Mimi Cozzens (Saleslady), Jason Ross (Delivery Man), Gwen Van Dam (Waitress), Anna Garduno (Nurse), Clinton Allmon (Mr. Purdy), Janet MacLachlan (Angela Bridges, R.N.) 

    Dave searches for a suitable Lamaze partner so he can be prepared for Maddie's delivery. 
Critique: David is getting so goody-goody that the audience will begin to turn on Maddie, if they haven't already.       B-

50: Tracks of My Tears     2/2/1988     87010     4 – 10

Writer: Judith Kahan 

Director: Paul Krasny 
Story: Debra Frank, Kerry Ehrin
Guest star: Henry G. Sanders (Man on Train), Pat Boone (New David), Dennis Dugan (Walter Bishop), Geoffrey Lardner (Cecil), Ivy Jones (Passenger #1), Mark Voland (Passenger #2), Dave Nicolson (Passenger #3) 

    Maddie returns to Los Angeles by train and spends the time daydreaming about her future and pouring her troubles out to a sympathetic fellow passenger. 
"David": Does a bear have fur? Does water turn to ice when you freeze it?
Critique: The Shrine considers Maddie marrying Walter, as the official "jump the shark" moment of the series.   And what's up with all the shots of the wind chimes? We get it already.  But Maddie finally returning at least warrants a ...    C-

51: Eek! A Spouse!     2/9/1988     87011     4 - 11 
Writer: Ron Osborn, Charles H. Eglee 
Director: Artie Mandelberg 
Story: Roger Director, Kerry Ehrin, Jeff Reno
Guest star: Cristine Rose (Lauren Baxter), Gerald Anthony (Anthony Baxter), Kathleen Layman (Bridget Graves), John C. Anders (Policeman), James F. Dean (Mailman), Patricia Lee Willson (Onlooker) 

    Dave is skeptical about the existence of Walter Bishop and bugs Maddie about it as they work on case for a woman who wants to buy off her husband's mistress.
Maddie: Walter, he's more like that white stuff you put in the coffee, but you know what, I like that stuff, you can depend on it hot or cold, it's always there for you.  But that doesn't mean you ever stop loving real milk either.
Critique:  David and Maddie back on the case and it's about time, mmmm banter.  And hey, Bert is really good in this one.  B
Songs: Didn't Mean to Turn You On- Robert Palmer
8 (bed store)

52: Maddie Hayes Got Married     3/1/1988     87012     4 – 12

Writer: Charles H. Eglee, Roger Director 

Director: Paul Krasny 
Guest star: Brooke Adams (Terri Knowles), Dennis Dugan (Walter Bishop), Charles Rocket (Richie Addison), Bruce French (Rev. Hadley), Nancy Parsons (Admissions Nurse), Allan Kolman (Limo Driver), Melanie Vincz (Nurse #1), Katherine Huston (Nurse #2) 

    Maddie's confused and worried: Dave has insisted on throwing a bachelor party for Walter and a huge formal wedding for her. 
Maddie: I can't believe my own husband wants to marry me.
Critique: Maddie is so obnoxious it's difficult to watch but Walter is growing on me I hope he stays a while. ; )  C+
Songs: The Lady is a tramp- Unknown Artist
Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison

53: Here's Living With You, Kid     3/15/1988     87009     4 - 13 
Writer: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn 
Director: Artie Mandelberg 
Story: Roger Director, Charles H. Eglee, Kerry Ehrin
Guest star: Ben Piazza (Renault), Johnny Brown (Sam), Eric Sinclair (Customer #1), Don Draper (Customer #2), Shelly Desai (Customer #3), Kristine Kauffman (Employee), Marc Tubert (Bartender), Harold Cannon-Lopez (Maitre D'), John David Conti (Technician) 

    Bert, bored on an all-night stakeout, dreams about how nice it would be to live with Agnes, but her hesitation when he actually asks her hurts his tender ego.
Critique: God this is bad.  Burt please stop talking.   Casablanca Agnes saves this from an 'F'    D-
8 (suicide lady)

54: And the Flesh Was Made Word     3/22/1988     4 - 14 
Writer: Kerry Ehrin 
Director: Paul Krasny 
Guest star: Ana Alicia (Mary Gates), Mark Arnott (John Wicklow), Stan Ivar (Brian Gates), Dennis Dugan (Walter Bishop), Brooke Adams (Terri Knowles), Raymond Forchion (Policeman) 

    Dave and Maddie try to recover their working relationship while dealing with the romantic writings of a man obsessed by one woman. 
David: I never left so don't talk to me about commitment.  And for God's sake stop asking me how I feel about you. If a guy did to me what you did I'd a knocked his teeth down his throat. You still have your incisors so I guess that means I must still care.  But I don't have to like it.
Critique: Walter no, don't go! The yo-yo relationship of Maddie and David ends here on the upswing, enjoy that 2 minutes. Therein lies the problem, 2 
minutes up and ten episodes down, you cant keep the show spinning at that rate.      B
Songs: Wooly Bully- Sam the Sham


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