# / Episode Name / Air Date / Prod # / Season- Num. 

26: The Son Also Rises     9/23/1986     3 - 1
Writer: Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Guest star: Brynn Thayer (Stephanie), Paul Sorvino (David Addison Sr.), F.J. O'Neil (Minister), Edith Fields (Dolores), Duncan McLeod (Stephanie's Father), Susan Brabeau (Miss Parrish) 

    David's estranged father makes a surprise visit to announce his upcoming wedding and to introduce his bride-to-be, who comes as a shock to David.
David: The man  is my father, the man who taught me about shaving, about women, about shaving women.    MORE
Critique: The Addison family should have their own spin-off they are so good.      A-
Songs: Whistle While You Work- Snow White
            La Bamba- Richie Valens
            Yankee Rose- David Lee Roth
            Sweet Love-Anita Baker

27: The Man Who Cried Wife     9/30/1986     86301     3 - 2 
Writer: Kerry Ehrin 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II 
Guest star: Richard Tyson (Daniel), John Bower (Man #1), Read Morgan (Man #2), Constance Pfeiffer (Woman #1), Jensen Collier (Woman #2), Patricia Duff (Melissa Bower), Alley Mills (Claire), Stephen Godwin (James Bower) 

    A man hires Dave and Maddie to find his wife, who's been making mysterious late night phone calls to him, the same wife he's sure he killed and buried in the forest. 
Critique:     B
Songs: Dedicated To the One I Love-Shirelles
Waiting For A Girl Like You- Foreigner

28: Symphony in Knocked Flat     10/14/1986     86303     3 - 3 
Writer: Dale Gelineau, Pauline Miller 
Director: Paul Lynch 
Guest star: Linda Thorson (Gregory), Will MacMillan (Unknown), Don King (Himself), Steve James (Mohammed "Boogaloo" Brown), Tom McFadden (Unknown), Mario Roccuzzo (Ticket Holder), Allan Kolman (Kabonov), Xander Berkeley (Unknown), Frank Miller (Unknown), Jon Menick (Unknown), Ernie Banks (Boogaloo's Trainer), E. Hampton Beagle (Unknown), Lou Filippo (Referee), Mae Marmy (Woman at Symphony), Roderick Vann (Unknown), Jade Roberts (Sly Stallone Impersonator), Jan B. Daley (Bellow), Otis Williams (Himself - uncredited), Melvin Franklin (Himself - uncredited), Ali Woodson (Himself - uncredited), Ron Tyson (Himself - uncredited) 
    Dave and Maddie agree to each arrange what they consider to be an ideal evening for the other, but the concert tickets Dave buys from a scalper get them into nothing but trouble. 
Critique: Could have been so much better, that ending boxing match was not good tv.     C
Songs: Psychedelic Shack- Temptations

29: Yours, Very Deadly     10/28/1986     86305     3 - 4 
Writer: Roger Director 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II 
Guest star: Paul Roebling (Unknown), Martin Ferrero (Unknown), Brooke Bundy (Gail Woodley), John Kassir (Peter Macy), Beau Starr (), Mike Narz (Unknown), Chino "Fats" Williams (Postal Worker) 
    Dave and Maddie are hired by a married woman to find the man she has been sharing a torrid romantic correspondence with and make sure he understands the arrangement is over. 
David: Hey lady wanna lick my mail?        MORE
Critique:     B
Songs: Please Mr. Postman- Shirelles
2 (post office)

30: All Creatures Great and ... Not So Great     11/11/1986     86306     3 – 5
Writer: Charles H. Eglee 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II 
Story: Charles H. Eglee, Eric Blakeney, Gene Miller
Guest star: Stanley Ralph Ross (Homeless Man), Santos Morales (Father Estevez), John Gallogly (Father), Jessica Harper (Jeanine Dalton), Richard Beymer (Father McDonovan), Brad Dourif (Ray Adamson) 
    A priest asks Dave and Maddie to find a woman he's become infatuated with during confession and whose latest revelation was her intention to kill herself. 
Maddie: I get trichinosis just looking at you.        MORE
Critique:     B+

31: Big Man on Mulberry Street     11/18/1986     86304     3 - 6 
Writer: Karen Hall 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II 
Guest star: Sandahl Bergman (Dancer), Betty McGuire (Rosemary), Michael Laskin (Unknown), Allan Katz (II) (Unknown), Bill Applegate (Unknown), Radu Gavor (Cab Driver), Rick Ducommun (Friend #2), Andra Akers (Mrs. Kendrick), Marilyn Jones (Tess) 
    Maddie becomes consumed with curiosity when David announces he must fly back to New York to attend the funeral of his former wife's brother. 
Maddie: I was looking forward to this funeral!        MORE
Critique:     Even though the dance scene is too much this one still is great just for the insight into David's background.     A    
Songs: New York State of Mind- Billy Joel
            Big Man On Mulberry Street- Billy Joel

32: Atomic Shakespeare     11/25/1986     86307     3 - 7 

Writer: Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno 
Director: Will Mackenzie 
Guest star: Kenneth McMillan (Signore Baptista), Colm Meaney (Suitor), Sterling Holloway (Narrator), Joseph G. Medalis (Unknown), Hap Lawrence (Unknown), Curtis Armstrong (Herbert Viola (Lucentio)), Daniel Frishman (Unknown), Danny Stone (Unknown), Frank Collison (Unknown), Rob Wickstrom (Unknown), Clinton J. Allmon (Unknown), Raymond Guth (Unknown), Ralph Drischell (Minister) 
David: Do bears beareth? Does bees beeeth?             MORE
    A boy hoping to watch Moonlighting but forced to study Shakespeare instead daydreams about the cast performing their own
version of The Taming of the Shrew complete with Petruchio Dave and Kate Maddie.
Critique:    A real classic.    A    

33: It's a Wonderful Job     12/16/1986     3 - 8 
Writer: Debra Frank, Carl Sautter 
Director: Ed Sherin 
Guest star: Richard Libertini (Albert), Lucy Lee Flippin (Rhyme Time Employee), Lionel Stander (Max), Cheryl Tiegs (Herself), Wally Taylor (Bartender), Patti Cohoon (Unknown), Patty Dworkin (Unknown), Richard Balin (Unknown), Suzanne Dunn (Unknown), Kristen Jensen (Unknown), Leigh Webb (Unknown), Scanlon Gail (Unknown), William Hubbard Knight (Unknown), Eric Poppick (Unknown), Tim Ryan (Unknown), James F. Kelly (Unknown), Eric Love (Unknown) 
Maddie: Take that tree and shove it down your sack mack.       MORE
    A depressed Maddie gets a chance to see what her life and the rest of Blue Moon staff would be like if she had sold the agency as she originally intended. 
Critique:     I don't get it, she's suicidal either way and David was actually better off without her?  Wait! I just rewatched it and OK I do finally get it but it took like 3 viewings so what does that say? Not really heartwarming holiday fair.  C+    
Songs: Sleigh Ride -Ronettes

34: The Straight Poop     1/6/1987     3 - 9 
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron 
Director: Jay Daniel 
Guest star: Rona Barrett (Herself), Pierce Brosnan (Remington Steele), Peter Bogdanovich (Himself) 

    Rona Barrett investigates the rumors about discord among the principals at the Blue Moon Detective agency. 
Critique:    It's a good old fashioned 80's highlights show, like a repeat but with just enough new stuff to be a new show. Style points given.  B-
Songs: Natural Woman- Aretha Franklin

35: Poltergeist III--- Dipesto Nothing     1/13/1987     86311     3 – 10
Writer: Karen Hall, Charles H. Eglee 
Director: Christopher Hibler 
Guest star: Karen Kondazian (Margaret Renbourn), Rhoda Gemignani (Emily), Ian Abercrombie (Ludwig), H. Richard Greene (Jake Renbourn), John Lehne (Dr. Beddows) 

    Ms. Dipesto tries to solve a haunted house case refused by Dave and Maddie to show Bert Viola that she's just as good a detective as he is. 
Agnes: Journal entry number 17: I think I just wet my pants. 
Critique:    C+

36: Blonde on Blonde (1)     2/3/1987     86309     3 - 11 
Writer: Kerry Ehrin 
Director: Jay Daniel 
Guest star: Andrew Masset, Jeff Osterhage , Donna Dixon (Joan Tenewich), Mark Harmon (Sam Crawford), Sam McMurray (Moe Hyland), Robert Wuhl (Crazy Guy in Cell), Andrew Masset (Ed Sherlock) 

    Maddie's strange mood has David worried so he spends the evening following her, but ends up involved in a murder. 
David: Why are you looking so unhappy?  Maddie: My chastity belt is pinching me.
Critique:  Sam answering the door is one of the best scenes of the series.   B
Songs: Nasty- Janet Jackson
Run Around Sue-Dion
C'est La Vie -Robbie Nevil


37: Sam & Dave (2)     2/10/1987     86312     3 - 12 
Writer: Charles H. Eglee, Roger Director 
Director: Sam Weisman 
Story: Karen Hall, Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno
Guest star: Bill Washington (Unknown), Julia Jennings (Unknown), Howard Mann (Unknown), Caitlin Clarke (Elaine Johnson), Mark Harmon (Sam Crawford), Randall "Tex" Cobb (Guy at Gas Station), Milt Jamin (Maitre D'), Jeff Jarvis (Himself (uncredited)

    Dave and Maddie quarrel over Sam at dinner as they try to keep watch on a man for his mistress, who's convinced he's two-timing her-with his wife. 
Critique:   B+
Songs: All the Way- Frank Sinatra

38: Maddie's Turn to Cry (3)     3/3/1987     86313     3 - 13 
Writer: Roger Director, Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Story: Charles H. Eglee, Karen Hall
Guest star: Caitlin Clarke (Elaine Johnson), Gary Cole (Alan McLafferty), Mark Harmon (Sam Crawford), Julia Jennings (Unknown), Biff Wiff (Milkman) 

    Maddie feels more and more confused about Sam and Dave after an all-night stakeout with Dave ends in an early morning
proposal from Sam.
Maddie: I hate you David Addison.  David:  I know, I hate you too Maddie Hays.
Critique:   The classic love triangle plot is building and each episode is getting better and better.      A-
Songs: Stop in the Name of Love- Supremes
    Someone To Watch Over Me-Linda Ronstadt
    Nowhere to Run- Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
(recap)5 (milk truck, bowling alley)

39: I Am Curious... Maddie (4)     3/31/1987     86314     3 – 14
First aired: 3/31/1987
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron, Jeff Reno 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Story: Ron Osborn, Karen Hall, Roger Director, Charles H. Eglee
Guest star: Mark Harmon (Sam Crawford), Jack Goode Jr. (Bartender) 

    Sam confronts Dave about Maddie, and tells him he's not good enough for her.   Maddie confronts David on his feelings.  
David: I'm being honest, I don't have to say it, you know it and I know it, you feel it and I feel it.
Critique:   Maddie finally confronting David and the final payoff are all worth the wait.     A+
Songs: Stormy Weather- Billie Holiday
           When a Man Loves a Woman -Percy Sledge
Be My Baby-Ronettes

40: To Heiress Human     5/5/1987     86315     3 - 15 
Writer: Kerry Ehrin 
Director: Sam Weisman 
Guest star: Scott Paulin (Robert Murphy), Ann Hearn (Margaret Kendall), William Hickey (Mr. Kendall), Bill Marcus (Desk Sergeant) 

    Maddie tries to ignore the previous night as she and David tackle a new case: a woman wants evidence that her fiancé loves her and not her father's money.  
Maddie: I think we need a new pact.
Critique:  The second best episode ever.   Funny and clever "the pact" is comedy gold.  Unfortunately the show only goes downhill from here.   A+



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