# / Episode Name / Air Date / Prod # / Season- Num. 

8: Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?     9/24/1985     85301     2 - 1 
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron 
Director: Peter Werner 

Guest star: Charles Rocket, Gene Ross , Ed O'Ross (Mr. Navarone), Terry Wills, Beau Billingslea , Russell Hines, Patrick Alan , Adriano Rebora, Jonathan Stark (Undercover Vice Cop) 
Dave's older brother shows up unexpectedly, flashing a big roll of money and determined to impress a bemused Maddie, unaware that he's pursued by a drug dealer who wants his money back. 
David: Maddie your losing your grip and I haven't even had a chance to sample it yet.     MORE
Critique:     A-    Charles Rocket is great as Dave's brother but it's funny how Maddie drops him when she learns he has no money.
Songs:  If You Only Knew -Patty Labelle
   For the Love of Money- O'Jays 
2 (in the mall)

9: The Lady in the Iron Mask     10/1/1985     85302     2 - 2 
Writer: Roger Director 
Director: Christopher Leitch 
Guest star: Dennis Christopher (Benjamin Wylie), Joel Polis (Frank Harbert), Judith Hansen (Barbara Wylie), Paul Willson (Concierge #1), Howard Mann , Jim Doughan , Richard Kuhlman (Unknown), Wyatt Johnson (Cop #1)

A mysterious veiled woman asks Dave and Maddie to find the man who disfigured her twenty years ago on her wedding day-so she can marry him.     
David: You know what your problem is? Maddie: I fear I'm looking at it.
Critique:     B    
3 (in matching dresses)

10: Money Talks-- Maddie Walks     10/8/1985     85303     2 - 3 

Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Ali Marie Matheson 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II 
Guest star: Alan Blumenfeld (Charles), Mark Lonow (Ron Sawyer), Anthony Gordon (Maitre D'), Robert Z'Dar (Garcia), Tony Giorgio (Tony), Charles Seixas (Llonka), Paco Vela (Waiter), France Mayotte (Stewardess), Anthony Alexander (Croupier), Rick Fitts (Cop) 

Maddie learns through the near-suicide of a friend where her embezzling accountant has fled to and immediately flies after him, determined to get her money back. 
David: Absolutely we're a team I'm the brains, she's the muscle.    MORE
Critique:     A+ 
Songs:  You wear it well-DeBarge
            Murphy's Law- Al Jerreau   

11: The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice     10/15/1985     85305     2 - 4 
Writer: Debra Frank, Carl Sautter 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Jack Bannon (Club Owner/Jerry Adams), Phil Rubenstein (Mr. Bigelow/Sloan), Raleigh Bond (Mr. Potter), Orson Welles (Himself), Nick DeMauro (Priest), Bill Handy (Cop), Freeman King (Bartender), Frank McCarthy (Lt. Matthews) 

Dave and Maddie each dream their own solutions to an unsolved 1946 murder case after hearing the story while finishing an investigation. 
Critique:     C+    I don't find this one as great as everyone else. It's beautifully made but it is very slow paced especially for Moonlighting.

12: My Fair David     10/29/1985     85306     2 5
Writer: Bruce Franklin Singer 
Director: Will Mackenzie 
Guest star: Will Nye (Unknown), Barbara Bain (Emily Greydon), Billy Drago (Gangster), Irwin Keyes (Unknown), Robert Joy (Clark Greydon) 

Maddie bets David that he can't act like a mature responsible professional for one full week while they deliver ransom money for the mother of a kidnapped concert pianist. 
Maddie: When you lose what do I get? David: Moi.  Maddie: The whole thing or just your head on a platter.    MORE
Critique:   A+ 
Songs: Limbo Rock
13: Knowing Her     11/12/1985     85307     2 - 6 
Writer: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Dana Delany (Gillian Armstrong), Joel Colodner (Harlan Armstrong), Richard McGonagle (Det. Barker), Dianne Turley Travis (Receptionist), Bill Marcus , James A. Williams,  Tyra Ferrell (Hooker), Freddie Dawson 

Maddie fears David's old flame is using him when she returns and asks him for help with a bad marriage. She must prove to him sometimes men need help from women.
David: You are, your jealous.   Maddie: Stop reasoning with your underwear.    MORE
Critique:    A+    Dana Delany & Willis have almost as much chemistry as he and Shepherd.
Songs:  Isley Brothers -This Old Heart of Mine  
            Gene Kelly- Singing in the Rain 
(cars and a hearse)

14: Somewhere Under the Rainbow     11/19/1985     85304     2 - 7 
Writer: Debra Frank, Carl Sautter 
Director: Peter Crane 
Story: Debra Frank, Carl Sautter, Frank Dandridge
Guest star: Danny Dayton (Edward O'Leary), Vivian Bonnell (Neighbor), Billy Beck (Airport Security Guard), Anthony DeFonte (Cop), David Patrick Kelly (McBride), Sam Whipple (Man at Hotel), Robert Alan Browne (Coroner) 

Dave and Maddie argue over whether to help a young woman who claims to be a leprechaun find the pot of gold she insists her father has hidden for her in Los Angeles. 
Leprechaun: Our magical powers work only at night. David: Night huh? Mine too.  Maddie: That man belongs in a pound. Agnes: Pound of what?
Critique:    B+
3 (airport baggage claim)

15: Portrait of Maddie      11/26/1985     85308     2 - 8 
Writer: Kerry Ehrin, Ali Marie Matheson 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: John Calvin (Unknown), Paul Rudd (II) (Unknown), Dan Lauria (Lieutenant), Carlos Cervantes (Auto Body Painter) 

Maddie becomes obsessed by the portrait done of her by an artist she never knew and who killed himself upon completing it. 
Maddie: A man I never met killed himself last night.  David: A woman I never met had sex with a basketball team last night.    MORE
Critique:    B+     Plot is slightly off but still fairly clever.
2 (auto paint shop)

16: Atlas Belched      12/10/1985     85309     2 - 9 
Writer: Roger Director 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II 
Guest star: Mark Linn-Baker (Phil West), Gene Ross (Bartender), J.D. Hall (Pawn Shop Owner), Mindi Iden (Receptionist), Jeffrey Lampert (Delivery Guy), Sid Conrad (Thornton Wellman), George Coe (Lou LaSalle) 

Dave busies himself finding an important phone index for a hapless young executive while Maddie mulls over an offer to sell the agency to a competitor.
David: Say congratulation. Maddie: Congratulations. David: Say I can't believe you did it David. Maddie: I can't believe you did it David David: Say take me hold me use me abuse me....I gave it a shot.
Critique:     B    Mark Linn-Baker grinds on the nerves.
17: Twas the Episode Before Christmas     12/17/1985     85310     2 10
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Richard Belzer (Leonard), Daniel Chodos (Unknown), James Avery (Reuben King), Leslie Wing (Mary), John Hostetter (Unknown), Ralph Meyering Jr. (Unknown), Brian Libby (Unknown) 

Ms. Dipesto finds a baby left in her apartment by a woman named Mary fleeing from the hitmen who killed her husband, and Dave and Maddie quarrel over using the agency phones as a "Santa hot line."
Agnes: You know what miss Hayes? Maddie: What? Agnes There's no one I'd rather have children with than you. 
Critique:    C+
10 (throwing xmas gifts)

18: The Bride of Tupperman     1/14/1986     85311     2 - 11 
Writer: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn 
Director: Christian I. Nyby II, Will Mackenzie 
Guest star: Nora Heflin (Unknown), Lieux Dressler (Unknown), Sydney Lassick (Neighbor), Guy Boyd (Alan Tupperman) 

Dave and Maddie compete to fulfill their client's unusual request: find him a possible mate fitting his very specific requirements. 
David: Give me a brunette astronaut  who like racquet ball, hold the breasts, to go , better yet I'll have her here! 
Critique:    There is a great banter scene in the car (about men) that is one of the show's best.    B+
Songs: I was Made to Love Her- Stevie Wonder
I like It- DeBarge
2 (hospital wheelchairs)

19: North by North Dipesto     1/21/1986     85312     2 - 12 
Writer: Debra Frank, Carl Sautter 
Director: Christopher Hibler 
Guest star: Marshall Teague, Charlie Stavola , Jim Haynie , Bill Marcus , Douglas Warhit , Bob Goldstein , Joe Carafello , John Durbin, Peter Trencher (Unknown), Victoria Dakil , Marc Christopher 

A restless Ms. Dipesto gets a chance for danger and excitement when she gets a piece of paper from a mysterious man while attending a ball in Dave and Maddie's place.
Critique:    C-
Songs: Come See About Me- The Supremes
Could It Be Magic- Barry Manilow

20: In God We Strongly Suspect     2/11/1986     85313     2 - 13 
Writer: Scott Spencer Gordon 
Director: Will Mackenzie 
Guest star: K Callan (Caroline Kandinsky), Hettie Lynne Hurtes (Reporter), David Ellzey (Medical Examiner #2), Barry Cutler (Medical Examiner), Dominic Barto (Artie), F. William Parker (Kandinsky), Eddie Quillan (Abby Cadabra), J.A. Preston (Dr. Neely) 

Dave and Maddie agree to "corpse-sit" for an escape artist's widow, who believes her dead husband's threats to come back and get even with her. 
David: Does butter fly, does a picket fence?  
Critique:    B-    There is an insane amount of dialog echos (when a character repeats what another character has just said)!  24!! That is not an effective way to fill extra time. However David is in rare form.

21: Every Daughter's Father Is a Virgin     2/18/1986     85314     2 - 14 
Writer: Bruce Franklin Singer 
Director: Christopher Hibler 
Guest star: Eva Marie Saint (Candy Hays), Rosanna Huffman (Unknown), Kate Murtagh (Unknown), Dante D'Andre (Unknown), Eduardo Ricard (Unknown), Tammy Brewer (Unknown), Alain Saint-Alix (Unknown), Chris Reynolds (Unknown), Ben Hartigan (Unknown) 

Maddie worries about her parents' strange behavior, so Dave tails her father to see if he's having an affair. 
Critique:   A+    THE best episode. 
Songs: Papa Was A Rolling Stone- The Temptations

22: Witness for the Execution     3/11/1986     85315     2 - 15 
Writer: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn 
Director: Paul Krasny 
Guest star: Michael MacRae (Lt. Tapea), Ellen Geer (Amy Everett), Maurice Sneed (Orderly), Judith Searle (Unknown), Corinne Carroll (Unknown), Roberts Blossom (Lawrence Everett) 

A sick old man asks Dave and Maddie to be the "expert" witnesses at his murder. 
Maddie: David A. ...please come home... all is well... we love you and miss you... Maddie  
Critique:    A+     Willis' best work on the series.
Songs: Sympathy For the Devil- Rolling Stones

23: Sleep Talkin' Guy     4/1/1986     85316     2 - 16 
Writer: Debra Frank, Carl Sautter 
Director: Christopher Hibler 
Guest star: Rob Wickstrom (Unknown), Carol King (Unknown), Randall Bowers (Unknown), Clinton Allmon (Unknown), William Martin Burns (Unknown), David Ankrum (Unknown), Frantz Turner (Unknown), Lisa Blount (Toby), Steven Keats (Jerry) 

Dave uses information passed on to him from a prostitute with an important client who talks in his sleep to solve several big cases
David: We're a team Maddie; Spinks and Homes, Sears and Roebuck, Heckle and Jeckle. 
Critique:    B-     
Songs: West End Girls- Pet Shop Boys

24: Funeral for a Door Nail     4/29/1986     85317     2 - 17 
Writer: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn, Charles H. Eglee 
Director: Allan Arkush 
Story: Jonathan Lemkin
Guest star: Teri Hafford (Unknown), Leslie Ackerman (Unknown), Allan Arkush (Customer), Charles Walker (Unknown), Patty Lotz (Hotel Concierge (voice)), Jeffrey DeMunn (Roger Clements), Granville Van Dusen (Allen Margalese) 

A depressed man hires a hit man to kill him after his wife dies, then desperately seeks Dave and Maddie's help to call him off when he sees his supposedly dead wife alive. 
David: One for the money ,two for the glitz, three to get ready now lets see some .. Maddie: David!  
Critique:    B+    The "+" is for the hilarious peep show booth scene with Maddie and David, too funny.
4 (mop/broom fight)

25: Camille     5/13/1986     85318     2 - 18 
Writer: Roger Director 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Edie McClurg (Beauty Parlor Customer), David Paymer (Camille's Agent), Judd Nelson (Crooked Cop/Himself), Whoopi Goldberg (Camille Brand/Herself), Leigh Webb (Himself (Assistant Director)), Eve Smith (Unknown), Monty Ash (Mordecai "Mordy" Mishienski), , Ray O'Conner (Unknown), Gerry Gibson (Minister), Billy Barty (Himself (uncredited)) 

Dave hires an unlucky con woman who accidentally became a heroine when she stopped an assassination attempt against a United States senator, but who is still pursued by a determined crooked cop.
David: Took the words right out of my mouth. Maddie:  Open Up I'll put 'em back. 
Critique:   F    So bad.  It's not enough just to add trendy guest stars to make a good episode or even a decent episode.  The ending was too far outside the third wall, by the end it was confusing. 
Songs: Devil with the Blue Dress On- Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
(Camille)10 (backlot golf carts)



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