# / Episode Name / Air Date / Prod # / Season- Num. 

1 & 2: Pilot (1)     3/3/1985     18455     1 - 1    1-2
Writer: Glenn Gordon Caron 
Director: Robert Butler 

    After an embezzling accountant leaves her penniless, ex-model Maddie Hayes decides to sell the few failing businesses she still owns, among them a detective agency. But private eye David Addison wants to keeps his job, so he persuades a reluctant Maddie to form a partnership. Their first case gives them little to go on: Maddie gets a broken watch from a dying man.   
Maddie: Knock that high school locker room grin off your face or I'll knock it off for you. I'm not miss march miss may or miss anything else.  For your information I'm miss Madeline Hays and I own this dump.        MORE
Critique:     A+  The brilliant pilot perfectly captures the Maddie and David chemistry that will make the series a success.
Songs:  Since I fell For You- Lenny Welch
            Crazy- Patsy Cline
            Knock on Wood- Otis Redding

3: Gunfight at the So-So Corral     3/5/1985     85001     1 - 3 
Writer: Michael Petryni 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Pat Corley (Franklin Tate), Tim Robbins (Brummer), Tony Burton (Bartender), Gary Graham (Michael Wrye), Kim North (Secretary), John Sinclair (Maitre D') 

    Dave and Maddie face a difficult situation when they have to tell their client that the son he hired them to find is a notorious contract killer.     
David: Do bears bear? Do bees bee?     MORE
Critique:    A     Great guest stars make a hit man storyline touching.

4: Read the Mind--- See the Movie     3/12/1985     85002     1 - 4 
Writer: Joe Gannon 
Director: Burt Brinkerhoff 
Guest star: Cotter Smith (Brian Baker), Lenore Kasdorf (Vivian Baker), Bill Morey (Carl Baker), Joseph Lambie (Preston Holt), John Harkins (Omar Gauss), Garnett Smith (Maitre D'), Paul Reid Roman (Randolph), Chris Callan (Omar's Assistant) 

    Maddie believes that a client's design secrets are being pilfered from the astral plane by a psychic.  
Maddie: I don't think I like men any more.  David: We still like you    MORE
Critique:    A     You had me at Maddie and David on a steak out but the rooftop jump into the pool clinched it.
3 (chased by woman with laser)

5: The Next Murder You Hear     3/19/1985     85003     1 - 5 
Writer: Peter Silverman 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Ross Evans, Gregg Henry (Paul McCain), Barbara Stock (Laura Boyd), James Sloyan (Sonny Brezner), Nora Gaye , Joan Ryan, Richard Epcar , Frantz Turner, Michael E. Dawdy (Blue Moon Employee) 

    Maddie becomes infatuated with a radio talk-show host who has apparently been murdered while he was on the air.  
David: No No No No No your obsessed or oppressed or one of those "est" words        MORE
Critique:    A      Shepherd is great at playing both sides of Maddie's feelings on the talk-show host.
Songs: Ooh Baby Baby -Linda Ronstadt
            Respect-Aretha Frankilin
x3!2 (chase guy onto neon sign)

6: Next Stop Murder     3/26/1985     1 - 6                 
Writer: Ali Marie Matheson, Kerry Ehrin 
Director: Kevin Connor 
Guest star: Lisa Richards (Janet McCall), Vincent Schiavelli (Rodney Dillon), Leonard Frey (Skyler Cantrell), Rick Jason (J.B. Harland), Ben Slack (Sebastian Rhodes), Michael E. Dawdy (Blue Moon Employee) 

    Maddie and Dave get trapped on a train filled with mystery buffs when they try to deliver Agnes on time for her big weekend solving a make-believe murder staged by a famous author.       
Agnes: My luck is on the rise, I listen as fate cries, the time is here so give a cheer Depesto won a prize!    MORE
Critique:    C-      This one drags a bit, the train makes it a little claustrophobic.
1 (on top of train)

7: The Murder's in the Mail     4/2/1985     1 - 7 
Writer: Michael Scheff, Mary Ann Kasica 
Director: Peter Werner 
Guest star: Jon Cedar , Art Koustik , James Walch, Arthur Taxier , Nick Angotti , Robert Moberly, Raymond O'Keefe, Bill Saito 

    Dave and Maddie find a dead body as they try to collect money for a collection agency, but it disappears without a trace when they try to report it.     
David: Rip off all your clothes and see if he reacts. Your right bad idea, that would kill me.     MORE
Critique:    C+  Spys always make for an overly complicated plot.
(car chase)(pie fight)



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